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  • Hello!

    Hey Everyone!

    Glad to meet you and glad to be here. I am new to this way of eating, sorta. Remember when Adkin's first came out... I tried that - with my mom, of course - ahmmmm... I was way too young to do it on my own back then... LOL... but it was too strict... no fruit or much veggies... I like how PB is designed, not low carb but the elimination of the bad carbs, so here I am - raring to go!

    I've found out on my own that I am intolerant (not a full-blown, "run-to-the-emergency room" type allergy) to grains and dairy. With grains, I bloat - look 9 mo pregnant with twins (inflammation and water gain), among other miserable symptoms. And with dairy, my sinuses become inflamed - and if I don't pay attention to what my body is telling me, I will get a sinus infection, then bronchitis... so in my experience, listening to your body is very important.

    You know, I sorta lived like grok as a kid - always barefoot, walked and rode bikes for miles - used to jump on the horses in the pasture - no bridle or saddle - we either rode 'em or got bucked off... then we'd just get back on but, thinking back, I wasn't hungry like I am now - I didn't even think about food as we were busy "having fun." I wasn't food-obsessed, like I am now - I was in very good shape, looked great in a bikini - but then I got my first car - started driving everywhere and that's when, I think, it started to go down hill - I never walked anywhere again.

    Well, after all that, I am here to lose the weight, all 125 or so pounds and take back my health and an active, fun-filled lifestyle!

    HELLO EVERYONE! Glad to be here -