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2 weeks in and feelin' like the queen of the jungle...

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  • 2 weeks in and feelin' like the queen of the jungle...

    Hey everybody!! I've been lurking around the forum for a couple of months now-- cut out wheat, legumes, potatoes, etc. about a month ago but fell off the wagon for birthdays/nights out/family get-togethers... every excuse in the book until I realized something: birthdays, nights out, and family get-togethers ain't goin' anywhere anytime soon so until I stopped thinking 'just this once, THEN I'll start for reals,' I was never gonna get started...

    So here we are: I'm a 24 y.o. female (5'9") and I've been chubby for as long as I can remember... My worst was a year and a half ago when I topped out at 212 lbs. I cried all the way home from the doctor's office and cut out flour and sugar cold turkey... I dropped 30 lbs in just two months (NOT healthily-- I may have cut out the flour and the 'sugar' but I'd had a bad break-up and was on a VERY strict Ketel-One and lime juice diet for a few weeks).

    Conversely, my other worst was 7 years ago when I checked into rehab addicted to crystal meth, weighing 114 lbs... I've seen both extremes of the weight spectrum and I was far from healthy at either one of them. I don't equate being thin with being healthy because of my own personal experiences but I'm as vain as anybody else and I wanna look good, dammnit!

    I can't actually recall how I came across PB-- I think I was looking for a good plyometrics workout or something of the sort. All I have to say though is "F*ck YEAH." I've been tentative about going balls-to-the-wall nutrition wise and I've yet to get out and be as active as I'd like. I'm a full-time student with a part-time job and 'planning time to play' seems like an oxy-moron. I try to park on the opposite side of school when I've got time to increase my walking by about 50% a day.

    Cutting carbs has been much easier than I thought it would-- alcohol is my biggest issue and cheeeeeeese too. My go-to meal for almost every night used to be some sourdough bread or crackers with brie and grapes and a (few, hehe) pints of cider or an IPA. I LOVE eating animals with my hands and get the tiniest bit of passive-aggressive satisfaction stinking up the kitchen with lamb patties in front of my (oft self-righteous) vegetarian roomie.

    Anyways, I've said enough so I'll end off with a few reasons I don't plan on resorting back to my old ways anytime soon:

    1) I haven't used my asthma inhaler in three weeks (EXCEPT for the times I caved under social-lunch pressure--my bad, not theirs--and went for the sandwich thinking it was no big deal... maybe it was mental but I felt wheezy within an hour or so after eating and stayed that way all night).

    2) My sleep patterns, which had convinced a psychiatrist I was suffering from a mood cyclical disorder, are already beginning to become a bit more regular.

    3) My mood swings have become way less drastic and I find myself getting less frustrated and impatient while running errands, like navigating a packed grocery store (probably because everybody else is milling around in the bread aisle) or waiting in a long line.

    4) My carb-bloat went away instantly and my tummy is flatter than ever... I was accused of being a 'skinny bitch' by a well-meaning friend and I'd be lying if it didn't put a little schwing in my step.

    5) My skin looks great-- not just on my face, but on my whole body. It literally glows from the inside out and I'm chalkin' it up to the increased water intake and all that yummy animal fat that's got my hair all shiny and my nails feeling strong.

    OKAY, okay, I'll stop!