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  • Hey and help

    Hi guys,
    my names Rich, 33 years old from the UK

    Im overweight and have just started going primal this week

    I used to love my carbohydrates like crisps, chips (fries) breads,rice, potatoes etc..

    Since last Sunday I started. cut out all my breads and potatoes and rice etc. Im now on meat (chicken, beef, lamb,pork) aswell as fish (mackeral, salmon, tuna etc) My fruits are just berries, strawberries,blueberries, raspberries and some apples. I also eat mixed salad, spinache, brocolli, mushrooms etc.
    I walk everyday, gym twice a week lifting heavy.

    Anyhow the last 2 days Ive had stomache ache in the mornings, and when i go to poo, its been comming out black. Im a bit worried that i automatically assume its got something to do with bleeding.
    Has anyone else experienced this. could it be down to the diet change?

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    Bowel movements definitely will be different on a primal diet. If you're concerned you could have your doctor check a stool sample just to ease your mind.
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      Any time you change your diet, it takes a while for your digestive system to adjust. See a doc if you are worried. But probably ok.

      Would be good to get in some sprints once or twice a week. 8 times 30 seconds so hard that your body thinks you barely escaped a sabre toothed tiger and your tongue is hanging out.

      Getting enough vitamin D3?
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        Hi guys,
        thanks so much for the replies,
        poo wise everything seems ok now, im still getting massive cravings in the evenings for cereal, but im ignoring it and snacking on berries and seeds and nuts (if I need to)

        feeling great and lost a few pounds already :-)