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Hello everyone!

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  • Hello everyone!

    Hello everyone!

    I have joined this group and even wrote an introduction but it doesn't seem to have appeared. I wondered why.

    Anyway, basically I am Nikole 31 mum of 3 living in france. I have been applying the PB to my life since Feb. If my msg appears I will write more ...

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    Welcome! Tell us more anyway. What's it like to do PB in France?
    Ancestral Health Info

    I design websites and blogs for a living. If you would like a blog or website designed by someone who understands Primal, see my web page.

    Primal Blueprint Explorer My blog for people who are not into the Grok thing. Since starting the blog, I have moved close to being Archevore instead of Primal. But Mark's Daily Apple is still the best source of information about living an ancestral lifestyle.


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      Hi everyone!

      Thank you for the reply and welcome Hedonist.
      This is going to be a long one so plz bare with me!

      I'm Nikole - a stay at home mother of a large family ( dh, 3kids of our own, 2 of my neices which we are caring for now indefinitely and my MIL) We live in a small town near Marseilles in France. I would like in time to be Primal family ... making changes already one by one to transition my family!

      I'm Nikole - a work at home/stay at home mother of a large family (my husband, our 3children, 2 of my husband's nieces which we are caring for now indefinitely and my mother-n-law) ...

      I'm 31 and overweight ... so yes there are fat people in France! I have already been 'thick' never thin person. But after my first child, eating too large portions, being home bound and my illnesses my weight went more and more every few years.

      My highest weight was 264lbs, but currently down to 228lbs most of this I've lost since Feb of this year due to my Primal lifestyle.

      I was diagnosed with PCOS last year, although I had the signs of this illness all my adult life. My doctor told me I was at risk for diabetes with PCOS and that I have insulin resistence. And to go on a diet. So here in France the 3 main diets are Chronuttion Weight Watchers and Dukan diet. I tried the low fat WW diet since more people said they lost weight on it and it is internationally known. We were already eating very good quality food- mostly local food - a Mediterranean style diet with healthy foods like vegetables, olive oil etc. I switched to low fat and astapame everything last summer as WW tells you to do. I cut my portions in half so I was within my points. I felt very ill the first week, dizzy, hollow feeling in my stomach, always hungry, nervous, very bad mood at the time, feeling to yell, having no patience and twitching in my eye. I switched from my regular 3 2L bottle Coca cola habit to Coke light. I ate very little meat, no wine or cheese which we were used to doing after meals. The only cheese I ever ha this fromage régime which is 0% fat spreadable cheese.

      I didn't do much sport in the past in my adult life. And after having my babies I was home bound since around this time my MIL developed gout so I had to care for her at all times. But in general before I would walk or ride my bicyle everywhere - no car since my husband uses it. When I started doing WW I started taking the longer routes to my destinations.

      I wouldn't say we never ate out or ate fast food, but it wasn't a regular part of our life. My husband and I always enjoyed the traditional and typical foods of the area we live in and would seek out freshest and highest quality. BUT crossiants, butter cookies, baguettes, cakes, sugary sodas and wheat porridge were a part of our life.

      It wasn't working for me this WW. I only lost about 10lbs I felt like a failure. I found some blog where a man lost over 60kg by calorie counting via My Fitness Pal. I joined My Fitness Pal thinking if this extremely overweight man can lose so I can also. I started calorie counting in January 2011. I lost more on this plan then WW but not much. Not enough that I would say it was worth it. And I still I felt hungry, nervous, depressed and devrived and obessed with food all the time.

      I read one thread about the Primal diet, made me remember a reference to this site on Weston Price org. I was reading about Nourishing Traditions soaking grains and how peole ate in generations past. We were already enjoying butter and full fat dairy but I started soaking our grains too thinking it was better. Many of the ideas I still apply to my life today from Weston Price org, as they are align with the traditiional diet tha my grandfather thrived on for over 97 years now.

      After WW, my family still was eating full fat dairy, I was eating every low or no fat. I feel like the fat depleated food i was eating - weak and sick.

      I startd reading Mark's blog. Even now almost 2 months later I'm still reading all the information absorbing it. It all makes sense to me.

      My husband is 35 years old 6'3 at 187lbs so he is normal but he could lose some belly fat and build muscles. But my MIL is 67 years old, little overweight but not too bad BMI 28.3 but she has high blood pressure, diabetes and gout. She is my main concern ... then myself for health risks.

      My children are witin normal weight range and are healthy. My oldest daughter aged 12 is really developed for her age, not fat but little chunky I think. I see myself in her at that age, so I worry as I packed on the pounds when I advanced to the high school. She isn't doing any sports but her main physical activity is walking to school and playing outside - so she could do more.

      My other children are smaller - ages 18months to 4years old. One son is very thin and I think anemia althought his doctor keeps telling he is "fine". Others are fine in their weight. But the tastes vary from one only liking to eat mushy food, to others only liking fruits to one (my oldest) liking faux food she sees her friends eating like ice cream and chips.

      I have to admit I have never been on a diet in my life. I ate what I wanted. I worked out in a gym after having my first child for a few months but it became boring. But not since then -- until now. I have changed this part of my life. And I like the idealogy of low impact excercise then some HIIT rather then hours in cardio sweatig like a pork for little result!

      I stared noticing after the last child I would get tried easy, need to take naps with my children, my body is flabbing all over and jiggling. I started to have a poor body image of myself. Anonrexia is a big secret problem here ...

      While French people are getting fatter these days, all the clothes runs small in France too.

      I wanted to change our habits, manage my MIL's diseases and I want lose weight. And make sure my children don't get sick or fat in the future.

      We were eating vegetables on a regular basis. I genuinely like vegetables and salads. And does most of my family. We ate meat or fish maybe once a week mostly chicken.Cheese, homemade pies (tourtes) pasta, bread were inexpensive meals I made to feed all my family since we are having only one income.

      Last Fall, I read the book Clean Eating by Tosca Reno and Nourishing Traditions by Sally Fallon. Although our diet wasn't terrible *I think* I tried to make it healthier by cutting out all the processed foods like muesli cereals, créme desserts, juice, and desserts I gave my children several times a week. I cut it all processed foods out except for canned tuna.I switched to honey and dat sugar not white sugar too.

      I started reading this sites and much of it make sense to me since I feel fuller if I ate meat. And after grains shortly after I would feel hungry again and bloated. And have ingestion.

      As Hedonist aske - Living a Primal lifestyle in France ...

      In the whole of France and also where I live is relatively easy since we have high quality food availible from local sources. People demand higher quality food here I think. And most people are appaulded by faux food, esp everything I saw on Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution!

      I think it only gets difficult when you try to convince people around it - after calling it a Paleolitic diet - they imagine eating raw meat, hunting wild game or even eating only what you caught. People laugh. But when you speak about the basic principles without telling the name - many agree it's wonderful clean eating!

      Also I find finding some ingredients where I live is difficult. Coconut products are rarely in shoppes but are so expensive too! So at this time, I have no wish to buy them.

      So that is it from me Bonjour friends!

      So here comes my questions ...