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  • Finally time to contribute

    Hi all,

    I've been reading about primal/paleo stuff for around a year now but never actually got round to throwing in some of my own input or questions. I signed up to MDA a few months ago so I'm well overdue for my first post.

    I'm in the UK (south east England) and currently studying to be an Osteopath (on a side note, Osteopaths in the UK and most other countries are different to DO's in the States though - in the UK we dont prescribe medication and are very much more hands on, probably more similar to your chiropractors or physical therapists). I follow a pretty much primal lifestyle...more or less within Marks 80/20 ratio but slip up a bit more every now and then.

    I'm naturally interested in health, fitness, anything outdoors and martial arts/combat sports.

    Anyways just thought I would throw out a quick hello and short intro so I can start posting away


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    Welcome! This is a fantastic community -- glad you decided to join in!

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