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  • Any primal cysters?

    Greetings from British Columbia, Canada.

    I'm about a month and half into the Primal Diet. I bought the book and devoured (not literally) every page. Since then, I've been reading up all I can and this forum is fantastic. I need to lose about 80 pounds and so far have lost 6lbs total since I've started Primal.
    I have a few concerns with constant headaches and muscle aches since I've been on this. Is my body just adjusting to all these changes? I've been doing Jillian Michael's 30 Day Shred plus I walk 30-1 hour per day. I have been keeping track of my calories and keeping it between 1500-1600 per day.
    Is it normal to have a very slow weight loss? I'm lucky if I lose anything and one week I gained 2 pounds. I should mention that I have Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome and that makes it a bit more of a challenge.
    Anyway, slow and steady, right?

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    6 lbs in six weeks is pretty good. Keep up the good work.
    Newcomers: If you haven't read the book, at least read this thread ... and all the links!

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      Dude. You're IR which means that its harder for us to loose it. Keep hanging on though. I've been at it for a long time, and the scale has only started to budge for me. I really beleive that it takes a LONG time for our metabolisms to get with the program once its been majorly messed with. PCOS does a number on us.

      I noticed for me, that if my calories wern't in the 1700-1800 range, nothing budges, I'm averaging about 2lbs a week now, but if I let my calories dip too low, it hangs on. Its great that you have movement at all though to be honest!
      SW: 235
      Rough start due to major carb WD.

      MWF: 1 hour run/walk, 1.5 hours in the gym - upper/lower and core
      Sat/Sun=Yard/house work, chasing kids, playing
      Family walk every night instead of everyone vegging in front of the TV
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        I have PCOS and hypothyroidism. Double whammy. But it is possible to lose weight. I am down from 194 to 184.5 since April 9th. I am following a very low carb version of primal blueprint. I suggest reading Gary Taubes' Why We Get Fat so you get an accurate understanding of insulin resistance and the effects of insulin on the body, a major concern with PCOS. Because of this, I've found that I need to be on a VLC version in order to interrupt the hyperinsulemic tendency I have d/t PCOS. Otherwise, I cannot control my carb cravings and I do not lose weight, no matter how low calorie I eat.

        You didn't mention what you are eating, but for me, I have debilitating headaches with carb withdrawal. And even worse, if I allow carbs at the primal level (100 g) to stay in my diet, the headaches DO NOT GO AWAY. However, on the VLC version, I got a headache really bad for one day, then it was gone.

        I'm no expert by any means, but my advice is (and some people are not going to like this) try VLC (think around ~20g carbs per day & up your fat intake (primal approved, of course)) and knock it off with the 30 day shred for a couple of weeks. Let your body get used to using fat for energy before you start placing extra demands on it. Maybe even cut back on your walks, too. Keep in mind, I'm not saying forever....just until you break the insulin cycle going on in your body.

        Again, I am no expert. But I've done a heck of a lot of research, especially what pertains to PCOS, insulin resistance, and hypothyroidism. I'm still too fat, so I can't say 100% that my theory works, BUT I'm losing weight seriously for the 1st time since I gained it, I can tell the difference between hunger and cravings, and I am maintaining a stable energy level throughout the day. Hooray!

        So to answer your question, I think something is not quite right with what you're doing for your body to throw up signs like constant headaches and muscle aches. That's not a sustainable way of life.

        Best of luck,


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          I've got PCOS.

          I agree with Kandy about the exercise... knock off the 30 day shred for a couple weeks until your body adapts. Keep up and maybe even increase the walks and do some light body weight exercises at home (squats, lunges, push ups, etc).

          Personally, though I'm probably unusual in this way, it took me a long time to be able to stay at or below the 50g of carb/day level. I wouldn't stress yourself out about dropping your carbs super low right away. Get in the swing of things first, try not to go above 90g/day and when you feel stable and have become fat adapted (you will know because your energy levels will be stable and you won't be hungry all the time), consider adding exercise or dropping carbs. One thing at a time.


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            I also have PCOS and had about the same to lose as your Primal Curves. I started PB in Feb and have lost 30lbs so far. I do 100g or less of carbs a day. There were times I did fall off, eating a slice of bread or spoonful of mash, but overall I see my cravings, esp for sweets going lower and lower. In fact, all this week, without trying my carb net was under 50g - and that's without trying.

            I do myself, walk and do some time on my cross trainer if the weather is bad. I see myself losing cm all around. And my TOM has come in naturally for the first time in over 10 years LOL!

            It's one day at a time thing for me the PB! I love the 80/20 principle since we are humans and we do have have "off days" so PB puts no pressure for our faults, but tells me to try our best and Grok on!!! =)

            Kandy, can you tell what VLC means? Sorry for my ignorance.


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              By VLC I mean very low carb. (Sorry I'm in nursing school and I've started abbreviating everything!). Sounds like you are hitting the range I am talking about anyway. In my experience, if I get above 50g I have uncontrollable cravings, and the more I approach 100g + the worse things get. I attribute this to the broken hormone cycle we have as PCOSers. Or maybe we have PCOS because of our carb intolerance...



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                fww, I just googled VLC and sometimes it refers to very low carb and sometime very low calorie, so I think I'll just stop using it altogether to avoid confusion...


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                  The one-day bad headache which went away sounds like a yeast die-off. Sometimes one needs to feel worse for awhile in order to feel better later on.

                  I can tell you this: my PCOS got ever so much better after menopause. At least it's not a life-long jail sentence.


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                    For anyone who suffers with PCOS, I suggest reading everything you can about iodine (good) and fluoride (bad). Ovaries, uterus, breasts use iodine. Fluoride displaces iodine and disrupts hormones, this also applies to hypothyroidism. Get all fluoride out of your life that you can, find a non-fluoridated toothpaste, remove fluoride from drinking, cooking, bathing water (shower/bath water is the hardest to find a fluoride removing filter). For drinking/cooking water, Berkey Light is affordable on ebay and get the fluoride filter option. I suppose if you were desperate, you could use the Berkey Light to filter bath water.

                    I haven't tried it yet, but people at claim that borax will detox fluoride from water and your body (bones and tissues).


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                      I was hoping to see more weight loss than I am, I'm a solid 5 almost 6 months in, and its a slow but steady thing for me. BUT! I feel so much better. Its a long road I'm walking for sure, but I can honestly say I'm slowly getting better. Am I ok? Nope. Will I get there? Yep, I'm finally starting to believe. If I make it about weight loss, I toss a mental hissy fit and beat myself up and go all whiny, and throw myself a big pity party. I just have to stay focused on the fact that I'm feeling better, and that the slow but steady weight loss is an added bonus.

                      I do envy the people that lose huge amounts of weight fast tho!
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                        an amazing, free interview with a doctor about iodine deficiency and diseases related to it



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                          3 month mark

                          I just want to thank everyone for their comments. Just recently I was also diagnosed with hypothyroidism and put on a low dose of Synthryroid. I do agree with Kandy, that very low carb is the way to go. I did cut out the 30 Day Shred and just keep up with the walks and do some squats, pushups and lunges for good measure. So far, I've lost 15 pounds in 3 months. I started at 226 and now I'm 211. Not a big difference in how I look but I do feel and sleep better.
                          I'm still playing around with what works diet wise. I"m pretty sure that dairy stalls weight loss for me and any kind of fruit has the same effect. The double whammy of PCOS and low thyroid means that I have to be extra vigilant in my diet and exercise. It is a delicate balance. I look forward to hear more about how others are coping and success stories that stem from following a primal lifestyle.


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                            IR, PCOS and former hypothyroidism over here.
                            I say former hypothyroid because as soon as I cut all the soy out of my diet, my thyroid panel came back completely different and normal without meds. I am soy sensitive though. It causes major swelling and pitting edema in me.

                            I made major inpmrovements in my pcos over two years ago when I went from veg/raw vegan to eating chicken and fish and eggs. I honestly think a large part of my IR was due to chronic protein deficiency. It was too hard on my former diet to get enough protein without eating 8,000 calories a day.
                            I then in corporated the south beach diet and achieved an excellent body composition through low carb eating and tons of heavy weight lifting.
                            I'm a big proponent of weightlifting, especially for IR.
                            Just make sure to stay very low carb after adding fat to your diet. Severe IR with added fat and not reducing carbs is a disaster.
                            I'm actually having a hard time with primal right now. Ugh.