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Celiac transitioning to Primal, howdy

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  • Celiac transitioning to Primal, howdy

    Hi all,
    I bought Mark's book a few weeks ago and after reading it I decided to give it a try. I have been eating primally for about a week and a half now, and have lost maybe .5 lbs. I haven't started the fitness part yet due to feeling like crap last week (carb flu I think?) and I also took a small tumble down some stairs (slippery socks) and got bruised up a bit. But today I went out and walked for 30mins at the park even though it was 40 degrees out

    So, some background. I'm 28 and I've always had stomach problems. I had an endo when I was 16 but she didn't find anything except signs of "irritation". Dairy started becoming more and more of a problem for me (I used to be able to have it by the cupful every day, but then over time it started making me feel nauseous and constipated). I quit dairy and went to soymilk. That made me bloated and gassy. Tried ricemilk - that was gross. Now I enjoy vanilla and chocolate almond milk. I'm thinking about trying heavy cream and seeing if I can tolerate that. I have tried lactaid before and that didn't help so I am thinking I might be allergic to milk protein and not the sugar part. Not sure.

    Anyway - for the past few years I just assumed I had a nervous stomach and that it was normal to have stomach/gi pains and blamed it on stress. This past fall however I had chronic stomach pains that would not go away and it would get worse at night- often keeping me up. Plus nausea. Sometimes vertigo when I'd close my eyes. Hair loss, too. I went to the Dr, she ordered blood tests, then referred me to a GI specialist who did an endo and biopsy. He said I had a textbook case of Celiac Disease and I have been gluten free since November 2010. Since being gf I have felt a little better (the stomach pains gradually went away, though I'd still have weird days when I'd feel bloated and nauseous, and have indigestion) so when I read the Primal Blueprint I decided to get rid of ALL the grains and follow the primal rules.

    The first week - last week - was a bit tough. I was low energy and it felt like my stomach was burning (a new symptom for me) when I'd eat normal things. I also had some mood swings. This week is a bit better though mood swings are still popping up here and there.

    I really have high hopes for this - I've never really been a dieter and have always ate healthfully (at least by CW standards) so it hasn't been that hard for me to give up junk food and grains. The Celiac diagnosis I think made the transition to PB easier for me, I think, since mostly I just had to give up rice, white potatoes, legumes, and gluten-free baking mixes.

    I think I'm sticking too the PB pretty well. I think the only thing I really need to work on still is sugar. I drink a lot of tea and I always put sugar in my tea. Right now I'm trying out Coconut Crystals since they're supposedly better for you and have a lower Glycemic Index but it's still sugar. I have tried all brands of stevia - they all taste bitter to me I definitely need to work on a fitness plan, too. I need to figure out something structured and easy to do at home. I've never really liked exercise so that might be a challenge for me.

    I have been logging my food on and it's really interesting to see how it all breaks down. What I am most surprised with is how low my % of the RDA for vitamins and minerals is from my diet. It makes me glad I am taking suppliments (liquid vitamins, calcium+magnesium, probiotic, fish oil). I've only been logging for a few days so I can't really see much, but without really trying I've been keeping my carbs to about 80/day. Protein's about 80-100/day, fat is about 100/day, calories about 1600/day. I have no idea if these numbers are good or not.

    Well, that's about all I can think of to introduce myself for now. Oh, I live with my boyfriend who is not primal (but happily eats the primal food I make) and 2 cats in eastern Pennsylvania. And now I need to start dinner - pork roast tonight

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    From one primal newbie to another...howdy and welcome to the journey!

    I don't have a whole lot else to add, since I'm by no means a paleo 'expert' and can't really critique your calorie percentages. But I'm sure you'll find a lot of experienced, helpful types here. It's a great community.


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      I have gluten intolerance- discovered it 10 years ago because my youngest, then nursing, was visibly allergic to gluten. When I took it out of my diet, I couldn't believe the difference.

      Oddly, last year when I switched to more PB, I noticed that the remaining gas/bloating went away with the grains. I still occassionally get that stray piece of gluten even in meat-based things, but I feel better on this plan.

      And I agree- the transition isn't so tough for us. Giving up rice bread isn't difficult :-)



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        Gluten/casein intolerant here, with a gluten-intolerant husband. Cross-contamination is always an issue, but most of my gluten-induced symptoms have disappeared since going primal. I use a bit of coconut crystals now and then, but other than that, we avoid all sweeteners. The longer you stay off sugar/sweet stuff, the easier it gets. Fresh fruit is now my occasional sugary treat, and it tastes a lot sweeter since going off the sweets!