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  • Newbie from Texas

    Well hit the obligatory thread. Figured I would do a casual intro also.

    I'm 38 from Plano, TX. I started Paleo 2 weeks ago after reading "The Paleo Solution" By Robb Wolf. Then I read "The Primal Blueprint" finished this afternoon for that matter.

    Paleo/primal seemed to make all the sense in the world. I have been working in the exercise side. I honestly can't stand weights or the gym. Also from Robbs site I saw MovNat which looks like a really fun way to keep myself in shape and outside. I'm trying to suck as much knowledge as I can about it off the web. Then trying to implement it.

    As far as other basics...I'm an electrician in the midst of switching to massage therapist. I'm in that it's time to turn my life around period, which brought on the desire to change my diet and state of health in general.

    Either way...thanks for having me.

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    Welcome, Timothy. I was born in Big D, now live in the hill country, and my bro lives just off of Plano Parkway. Best wishes with your goals. Wish I had a rock climbing gym nearby...
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      Never have introduced myself, but I'm in Texas too, just north of Austin.

      I've been primal for about 3 weeks, and while it's going rather well for me, my husband and kids are having a more difficult time adjusting. I live with 3 anti-veggie eaters, and 1 anti-meat eater, makes for interesting meal planning. My daughter would be happy eating Mac n cheese and franken-nuggets, my son could live on just meat, and my husband loves his grains. I'm trying to find a way to balance everyone's preferences while keeping them on then primal track...not easy!

      Anyway, welcome to you TApple! I think you'll like it here, but at times the differences in opinion and massive amount of information can be overwhelming. You'll soon learn that you need follow your path, and not be led astray by the "know-it-alls" that lurk all over the these message boards.