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Primal middle aged middle distance runner

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  • Primal middle aged middle distance runner

    I'm almost 55 years old, and went 'primal' almost a year ago for health reasons (possible auto immune problems showing up in my nervous system). I am also a competitive runner, who races 400 meters up to 1 mile. Initial fears about losing the ability to train due to low carb intake were replaced with a nice light feeling as I very rapidly dropped 10 lbs of fat that I didn't even know I had, going from 160 to 150 at 5'11''. I feel like I'm still transforming. Training has becoming increasingly 'primal' also, especially the effort put in on non-quality training days...walking, some jogging, resting, all easy stuff. I also do strength and sprint type workouts that are pretty good fits to the primal blueprint ideas.

    All this resulted in making it to the Masters Indoor national championships a few weeks ago in good health and taking 8'th place in both 800 meters and 1 mile, off of 10 miles per week max of running (as the oldest guy in my age group). Especially interesting was recovery between the two race days with a primal diet (steak for dinner, eggs and meat for breakfast, fruit and nuts galore). The recovery was MUCH better than in years past with traditional carb heavy pasta, oatmeal, etc. I felt great on the second day of racing.

    This is me (in red) about 210 meters into the mile race.


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    That's awesome!

    I'm just getting back into building my speed and power after a bad knee injury a few years ago. PB has completely changed how I train, and I'm excited to see how fast my 2-mile time gets by the end of summer.