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Observations after 2 weeks Primal

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  • Observations after 2 weeks Primal

    Firstly a hi to everyone and secondly, I'd like to say how excited I am these days about feeling like I've found a diet that will give me satisfaction and better health. My inspiration to do this came from seeing Fat Head and then reading up on this and related blogs.

    Starting at around 106kg two weeks ago, I'm already down to 102kg, but more important than the weight loss, which I'm confident will continue (my goal weight is around 90kg), are the signs of health improvement that I've already noticed.

    Here are some of them:
    A bloated feeling and appearance, greatly reduced.
    Bowel movements are less often, less annoying.
    Dry itchy skin has a smooth moist healthier feel.
    Small skin sores, that have endured for years are clearing up.
    More energetic.
    Clearer mind.
    Small toe fungal infection almost cleared.
    Pain from elbow inflammation significantly less.
    Eye pterygium I've had for 20 years seems to be clearing up.

    And some other observations:
    I love the food. I find with some dishes I am salivating as I eat, for the first time I remember. I am typically a slow eater, but I really feel like gulping these dishes down sometimes.

    I don't feel as hungry between meals either and have a surprising sense of satisfaction after meals.

    Though an athlete for years, and involved in very physical work, I'd noticed that it was becoming harder and harder to just exercise and expect weight to come off. I'm sure my insulin resistance has been increasing over the years. (I'm now 45).

    I was once pretty much a high carb vegan for 10 years, whist being an athlete. I'm sure back then the exercise and youthful metabolism helped me to endure that diet. Interestingly, I was always the least lean among my group of elite athletes at that time. I now wonder what I might have achieved back then if I knew then what I know today.

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    Thanks SpecOps,
    I took a photo of myself and the scales on my second day into the diet. So hopefully in a month or so I can show my progress.