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  • Recent Cravings ??

    First post here, I'll into on the "Obligatory" thread later.

    I have been primal since May 2010, results have been impressive, not just in my physical composition, but my personality change as well.

    However, despite the loss of 50 lbs, shrinking from 34" waist to a 28" waist, new found energy, drive and determination, I have recently struggled to stay Primal. I'm a stumbler as the into to MDA welcomes!

    What gives, why all of the sudden? My "kryptonite" has been ice cream, specifically "Blizzards" wich are softserve(which is blended with margrine <insert puking smiley> & mixed with candy,cookies or other sugary particulates

    So what gives? Despite my clear and successful results, and despite my knowledge of the impact of sugar and specifically the ravenous damage insulin does, I just can't pass them up Anyone else experienced severe cravings during their 1st year of Primal?

    Thanks, just wondering what others have experienced and what worked for them