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    I stumbled across Mark's Daily Apple on Wednesday and was immediately captured. Over the past few years after graduating college I have done everything you can imagine in regards to weight loss and fitness. I have been in and out of the YMCA, tried P90X, INSANITY, and all sorts of other things that all end in the same result and that is bordem. I get tired of going to the gym or sick of watching a workout DVD.
    After reading the entire Primal Blueprint Fitness in one setting, I am really interested in going Primal. One issue that holds me back is my fiance'. I do all of the coking, but she will never give her precious bread. She does not believe in anything that has to do with a no carb diet.
    I have read most of Tim Freeis' book "The Four Hour Body", in which the diet is basically primal with no complex carbs. I had good success with the diet, but it was hard for me doing it all alone and knowing that it was only a temporary thing made me give up all together. It did not help that my fiance' gave up on the diet after one day
    So my question for everyone out there is: Do you live (or are you married to) with someone that does not believe what Primal has to offer? if so, how do keep the Primal lifestyle going while living with someone that has no interest in what is has to offer?

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    My husband isn't Primal and has never really struggled with weight. He eats what he wants to, whenever he wants to and has never known what it's like to struggle or have to limit yourself. He has a lot of sweets and junk around and that can trigger cravings in me now and then, but I haven't given in to them. Seeing results motivates me and I want to keep seeing more results. I get a little pissy sometimes because I do have to put such strict limits on myself, but hopefully I'll get to a day where it's about maintenance and I can loosen up a little.