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  • Some questions about getting started...

    Hi Everyone,

    Mary here, and just getting started with the paleo plan. Some background; I am 46, have been on a macro based diet, though not strict, for the past few years. I have always considered that I eat pretty well, avoid processed food, lots of fresh veggies. A few months ago I was diagnosed with GERD, and have been pretty miserable. I stopped drinking alcohol, coffee, and started being more strict with my macro diet. I also started taking PPIs, Nexium for 2 months, then prevacid for 2 months. I did not get better. I would inprove a bit, then get worse. I also gained weight (how i don't know!), became very bloated with a stomach. I have never had a stomach! So, in desperation I scoured the net for some hope, and found several folks who had healed using the Paleo diet. I stopped eating grains on Sat, had some raw veggie juice for dinner, and then all day yesterday ate a ton of veggies and some lean meat. Well guess what? GERD is 80% better with no meds. Awesome! However, I feel kind of off, weakish, and have had the worst bout of diarrhea I have ever had. I also had some joint pain and achiness. I stayed home today. Perhaps I just caught a bug and it coincided with starting this plan, but am wondering is there is a difficult "ramping up" period for those of us used to eating carbs all day. Also, I considered that my body is detoxing from PPIs. I am truly excited about the improvement of my acid reflux, and for the first time in a while have hope that I could get my energy and vitality back. Any advice about being a newbie much appreciated.


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    Ah, carb flu. I just read the primer for newbies. well that explains a lot. i have tried everything, so going to stick this out. took a walk and a feeling better.


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      Are you eating enough fat? Carb flu usually doesn't hit so quickly...
      Also, the digestive issue might have been due to excessive veggie consumption -- how much is a "ton" for you?
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        Definitely sounds like carb flu. There are different schools of thought around here as far as carb flu. Some suggest white-knuckling it while others prefer to wean themselves slowly off of all the starchy carbs. You can have a little sweet potato, winter squash, or even a little white potato and white rice if you are feeling horrible. The first two are considered primal in moderation anyway.

        Welcome to MDA and best of luck to you!
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          Thanks guys. Perhaps a ton is a bit of an exaggeration. But I replaced carbs with veggie juice, baked veggies and a salad. So every meal. The thing that makes me want to not eat carbs is how quickly and drastically my GERD improved. I am talking a day and a half without carbs and dairy. Not 100%, but I can't even tell you how it feels to not have that persistant pain. I have been eating fat, some olive oil and coconut oil. Almonds too. I will try upping that a bit and see if it helps.

          Dreaming of feeling great...



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            Yay! Welcome. Glad you are feeling better.
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              Try a day without the veggie juice. I suspect that might be causing your bathroom issues.


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                I posted this elsewhere, but wanted to update here as well:

                Hi all. I stayed up last night and ready every one of these posts, and I have to say, it got me more excited than I already am. I am 1 week primal, and cannot believe the changes in ONE WEEK. It is truly amazing. Here are my gains:

                Lost 5 lbs of bloat -- stomach looking pretty flat for the first time in soooo long.
                Improved energy
                Period this time lighter and easier -- I have been having peri-menopause periods for a year now; very heavy, crampy, tired.
                Calmer, happier
                More optimistic
                No gas
                Weird rash behind ears disappearing

                But best of all....

                MY GERD IS 90-95% GONE!!!!

                For those who have suffered with this, you know how debilitating it can be. I was on meds for 4 months, nexium and prevacid, 2 x daily. I was eating a "clean" macrobiotic diet (rice and beans every meal) and getting worse. I was bloated, gassy, and beyond frustrated with my health. I have felt like s&*t for so long that it had become the norm. At 46 I wonered if I had to accept bad health as my lot in life. I stopped the PPI meds over a week ago and went full on primal. Wow! Twice I woke up in the middle of the night this week, and when I realized that I wasn't in pain and so much better I got so excited that I couldn't go back to sleep. I am so happy about this. So...I am a convert and believer. I got a huge chunk of my life back, along with a good dose of hope. I can't wait to see what changes come next. Here is a new acronym: BAP - Born Again Primal.

                I will continue to report the good changes, and look forward to reading everyone elses. Hell, I might be in a bikini by June...