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Marine Corps Officer new to paleo.

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    Originally posted by NicoleP View Post
    The Costco in Wilmington has a few items that are organic and they also have wild caught fish in the frozen section. I have seen organic chicken and grass fed ground beef. They also carry large tubs of organic greens for salads and such.

    There is also a farm that delivers grass fed angus beef to Wilmington once a month. I haven't purchased anything yet but plan on putting in a order for 10 or 20 pounds. Their next run is on April 2.


    Here is a website that helps you locate what you are looking for.

    Eat Wild - North Carolina
    Thanks for that! I have been looking too....
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      Hey LT, Welcome & Semper Fi.
      Be sure to tell your devil dogs who aren't making their Height/weight requirements about this. When I was at Courthouse Bay, alot of us gained a few pounds due to the....ahem... excessive beer. This info would have been great to help slim down.

      Thanks for serving our country!
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        Welcome LtDevilNuts! I've kind of hit a "menu plateau" myself, but the results trump food boredom. Keep poking around here, and elsewhere on the net for interesting recipes you might want to try out. Also eating new types of animals is fun too, organ meats as well. Good luck


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          Originally posted by LtDevilNuts View Post
          Here's a question, how much does "organic" really matter? If i go in to walmart (which is the only place to buy anything near camp lejeune) and pick up some standard red meat, steak, etc, is that paleo enough or is it worth the drive to Raleigh to pay $22 a pound at whole foods?
          I too live in the Camp Lejeune area. I will periodically go to New Bern and shop at the Harris Teeter there. You can also head to Cedar Point to the Lowes Food there, they have some wonderful organic stuff too. There is also the Fresh Market at the new shopping center down in Wilmington at the Military Cut off. But for driving purposes I would say that the Lowes Food is the closest for you. Just the other side of Swansboro.


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            Welcome, LT.

            I'm an Army Reservist who lost 40 lbs the Army gave me. (They had me living off-post in a hotel and eating at restaurants for a year.) The military is hard, foodwise. Every meal at the chow hall is like we just came in from a 12-mile ruck. The salad bar at most DFACs will get you mostly primal food, though I'll just use cottage cheese rather than the dressing.

            Make yourself some trail mix with nuts and coconut chunks/flakes and maybe a little bit of dried fruit pieces. (Dried fruit often has a lot of sugar, so be careful.) Premade trailmix has a lot of other stuff you might not want (cheap chocolate, for example). Find a source of quality jerky. Have fruit and/or cheese on hand for snacks when you aren't in the field.

            Make sure to spread the word, sir. If you can get your fat-body soldiers to lose with you it will be a net gain for the corps and a great bullet point on your OER.