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  • In-depth intro

    I figured I'd post a bit more about myself, other than what's covered in the sticky above.

    So... I'm Heather, 24 y/o former Navy Brat. I was born in Florida, grew up all over the US (New Jersey, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, Michigan, Washington, South Carolina...) and now live in England working for the ambulance service. I love to travel, and am slowly working my way through Europe.

    I like:

    -Nutrition and cooking (with a primal/paleo slant of course)
    -Art (I write, act, sing, paint, craft, etc. and I'm into films, books, music, exhibits, museums etc)
    -Natural living (explaining that could be a post in itself so take it as what you will)
    -Design and fashion, with an emphasis on mid-century mod
    -Helping people, whether in my line of work or in my personal life
    -Making people laugh

    I dislike:

    -Not getting enough sleep (I'm a 10 hour a night girl, if given the opportunity)
    -Having my time wasted
    -My calves (they are solid slabs of muscle which actually scare most people. They are 17" in diameter. Look cool, but impossible to find boots that fit.)
    -Being a sugar junkie

    Some personal things:
    -I'm recovered EDNOS (eating disorder not otherwise specified)
    -I beat cervical cancer
    -I'm Christian; it's a big part of my identity and I welcome discussion on it, and respect everyone's freedom of choice on the matter of religion.

    Some silly things:
    -I've been reading and lurking on MDA for several years
    -I've been through most natural disasters (earthquake, flood, forest fire, tornado, blizzard...)
    -I don't have a computer at home so I'm only on MDA at work

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    ooooh, mid-century mod. Dad and I went to an exhibition of MCM stuff for sale . . . I have never seen more stuff that I wanted to own in one place in all my life. Next time I go, I will have a BUDGET.

    Great work beating cancer! Woohoo!!


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      Hi Heather im not sure if you saw a previous reply to you from me Im a Newcastle lass too but was born in Gateshead and have retired from nursing in Gateshead last July Ive been Primal since january and loving it! xx


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        +1 for the Primal Geordies!


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          LOL N im actually a Tynesider not a Geordie as I was born south of the River Tyne!



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            "-I beat cervical cancer"

            Me too! I was early stage three. Next year I will have been in remission for 10 years now. How long have you been?
            -Nú mun hon søkkvask.



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              thanks for the replies, all! and dee- I left you a comment on your page!

              Uggla, I've been cancer-free for just over 6 years! I was diagnosed a month after my 19th birthday, luckliy because i'd been vigilant about yearly screenings I was in an early stage. I'm so glad to hear you're nearing the 10 year mark, that's awesome!!


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                Good you found it in time. More women should be screened regularly. I too was diagnosed at a very young age. Although I was 22 almost 23 when mine was found.

                I am lucky, I was moving up in stages. A friend of mine cought her cancer in the same stage as me and she has now passed away. Cancer is a scary thing.

                It's nice to meet others who have beat such a horrid thing. Others you can relate too.
                -Nú mun hon søkkvask.



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                  Hi Heather I replied to you about where I shop etc..have you seen that?? xx