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  • HELLO everyone!

    Hi everyone! I have always known that I needed to eat right and exercise to be healthy, and I found Mark's Daily Apple by chance.

    I am right in the middle of the HCG diet and I have lost 14 pounds, mostly off my midsection. That's great, so I thought. I thought about it and I think anyone would lose that kind of weight if they went from eating 3,000 calories a day down to eating only 500.

    My biggest issue with this diet is not being able to eat enough food, and since I was told my body would go into starvation mode if I did, I was advised NOT to exercise.

    I was starting to think about what I was going to do once my diet was over, because I LOVE EATING!!!

    I figured i could go back to eating what I was eating before if I just started exercising regularly, but that made me think about how much better I have actually felt since all I have been eating for the last few weeks has been meat and veggies. That lead to a internet search and eventually to mark's apple.
    Eating and doing what humans have been engineered to eat and do sounded like the best way for me to live post-diet, so I continued reading more and more. I have since stopped taking the HGC drops, and have done my base line tests for the 5 essential movements. I can't wait until Friday to do my sprint workout!

    Any help for a beginning grok would be fantastic!

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    Thank goodness you realized how silly HCG really is! It sounds like you're off to a great start. Read all the newbie stickies, ask questions, and don't let small set backs deter you. Also, take body measurements now, you'll see more changes in measurements than on the scale!

    33yo, 5'6", 158lbs, size 10 jeans


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      your username is awesome.

      as for advice...all the answers you need are somewhere in this post

      follow the ten primal laws and you'll be just fine. but, to start off, i recommend taking some time to get the grains and sugar out of your house, restock with real food, then continue to replace any other crap (diet soda, etc.) with primal replacements. for exercise you seem to be doing fine. just remember the two primal laws people overlook too often: play and sleep.

      don't take things too seriously, don't hold unreasonable expectations, and realize that while you may have certain goals in mind...the journey is ongoing.
      welcome to the forums.


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        Thanks man. I had a rough weekend, I don't even want to admit what I ate. But, I have been avoiding grains for the most part. My biggest struggle so far has been figuring out what to eat at restaurants. Is there anywhere on the forums that covers this?

        Also, Reborn, what tips for taking my body measurements are there? how do I do that?