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Hi - I'm new here and have a question

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  • Hi - I'm new here and have a question

    I started PB about 3 days ago and today for the first day I feel totally zapped...really low (almost depressed), no motivation....nothing has happened to cause me to feel that way other than changing the way I'm eating. Up until today I was feeling fine. Could that be withdrawal from the gluten, etc. that I've totally eliminated?
    If we don't make time for wellness, we'll eventually have to make time for illness

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    Classic carb flu. Try searching for "carb flu" in the forum and you'll find all kinds of posts about with people's experiences of how long it lasts. Bottom line: tough it through in most cases.

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      Day 3 is the hardest.
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        Hang in there!!!
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          I appreciate the quick responses...thank you! It's nice to have support! I have read and heard about carb flu but didn't realize it could manifest as depression...I'll go check the forums. I did Atkins years ago (I'm talking 1972!) and I remember being tired. Also purposely lowered my carbs towards the end of the Body for Life challenge and Max Muscle challenges I did over 10 years ago and remember the exhaustion, but not depression. I'm definitely going to tough it out - haven't been feeling that good the past few years and I want to be as healthy as I can in the most natural way I can.
          If we don't make time for wellness, we'll eventually have to make time for illness


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            day three was the ONLY day i felt like crap, i had a headache all day. . . woke up feeling great on day four. although some people suffer from the "carb flu" for a week or so. hang in there, it is SO worth it!!!


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              Hang in there and keep us updated! Not sure if the low carb flu would cause depression but I guess its possible. I bet you will feel fantastic tomorrow!
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                Thanks again - Primal Toad - I'm off to check out your blog and Facebook Page
                If we don't make time for wellness, we'll eventually have to make time for illness