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First Primal days- the "carb flu" and exhaustion!

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  • First Primal days- the "carb flu" and exhaustion!

    Yesterday was my first day Primal and I feel very good about my decision. I am a long-time chronic pain sufferer and at 38, am the oldest young person I know. I hope that this lifestyle will help me control the inflammation in my body and also help relieve some of the stress on my low back through weight loss and increased muscle strength. According to CW, I am in the "healthy weight range" for my height but I don't really like the way I look and I especially don't like the way I feel 100% of the time.

    Preparation is going to be key for me since I work insane hours and usually fuel myself throughout the day with sugar (and until recently, caffeine.) Overall, I feel that making a change to a Primal lifestyle is going to be extremely difficult for me since I work so much- no time for sleep, play, daylight, low-level cardio, etc. I am an admitted workaholic and sadly the office has become one of my main "escapes" from recent events in my life. I really have a bad situation here! I couldn't be less of a Korg.

    Yesterday I did my Primal shopping and a lot of cooking (bison chili, yum!) and I feel as prepared as I can be for the challenge of the coming work week. Today, I am exhausted from all that walking and standing and my upper back is chock full of lactic acid. Bleah. I feel like crud and like one other poster said, I want to eat sugar by the spoonful. I actually feel a low-level panic state and I am so tired that I don't even want to move much less get outside and walk or do something healthy.

    I'm going to push through this though! Gonna eat some bacon and see what happens.
    Strength, everyone!

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    Hi and welcome:-) It sounds like mentally you are setting yourself up to fail by all the hurdles you list. If you think it will be difficult, it will be. I don't find it any harder to cook Primal than I did vegetarian. I have a lot of pain in my body, but I play and exercise anyway. I find for me it usually helps. If I don't exercise or breathe fresh air, I get really depressed.
    Good luck to you and I hope you can find a way to embrace it if you are going to do it instead of setting it up in your mind to be a sacrifice and giant undertaking. I also hope if you do it, that you start feeling better! I understand what it feels like to be young yet your body feel ancient.


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      Welcome to a new way of living - and I really mean that (both the welcome and the way of living parts). The community here sustains all of us from time to time. And this is more than a diet (Garfield - "Diet" is just "die" with a "t" on the end) - it is about how you treat the most important person in your universe - you. If you don't take care of yourself, you can't take care of others, you won't be ready or capable when they need you. If nothing else, you'll be too darn tired.

      Taking care of yourself means good eating, good activity, good rest, and good attitude. You won't be perfect ... none of us are. But you can take each day and make it the best day you can manage - and they will gradually get better, if you hang in there.

      Different people find different approaches to the transition better for them - some do cold turkey (dive in and cut out all the things they now realize are bad, suffering more or less but for a shorter time overall), while others find a gradual elimination and substitution approach works better for them. You'll find your best approach by trying things.

      Especially as far north as you are, and given the cloud cover you get, I really recommend supplementing with vitamin D gels (not tablets - be sure it's a gelcap or oil) at the rule-of-thumb value of 1000IU per 25 pounds of body weight. That will get you started, but to know what you actually need, I really, REALLY recommend getting your D levels tested - some people only need 2000IU and some need 10,000 or more. People are that variable.

      I also suggest following the PB Fitness Blueprint - exercise removes so much stress, provided you don't make getting the exercise a stressful thing. Again, only you will know where those boundaries are for you right now - but if you can be a little patient, and work the program, the boundaries will move, often surprisingly quickly.

      Reach out to the forums with your questions and your doubts - someone has probably had a similar if not the same experience or question.



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        Primal has relieved much of my muscle pain from Sjogren's and fibro. Stick with it and you will see major changes. Can you cut back on your work hours? Your lifestyle sounds like a recipe for adrenal exhaustion. Been there, done that.
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