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  • Gettin Primal in Austria

    A sweet hello to all of you,

    May i introduce myself: My name is Su and Im a 25 years old student from Vienna, Austria. I got to know Primal and Marks Daily Apple from my dear brother, whos found his way to Primal via the web, searching for possibilities to get healthier, stronger and just happier with, well, your body, your food, yourself.

    He told me about, and I instantly was interested in tryin.

    I started 2 weeks ago, and its not really workin that way it does for my brother, so i decided to start a Journal here on the Forum, which should be online in about 3 hours or maybe, a little bit more , and I am really curious how things will develop.

    Well, a little bit from myself, erm, I love music (dancing, singing, playing the piano (I attend the Vienna academy of music for classical piano), and just listening to it) and sports like hiking, rock climbing, yoga, kyudo and sometimes a little run here and there when my mind needs a break.

    But: like almost everyone in one of the "overfed "first world"" countries I looove sweets, rice, semolina, fancy cakes and stuff like that, and I am one of the thousands who try to get healthy and pleased with themselves by tryin this diet, that way of nutrition, those secrets of a happier life.. whatever .. never really finding what I was searching for, because I still dont like myself, I dont feel myself like it should feel, and I still dont feel healthy..

    I'm sporty, I really am, I can run, I can take all the steps I want, I climb, I hike, etc without great effort on average levels .. but I dont look like that.. and to tell you the truth? .. I HATE THAT!! :P

    So.. maybe thats my first step in the right direction, we will see.

    I'm looking forward to your comments, if there are any .. on my Journal or here, or wherelse we meet in this forum ..

    To inform you: Im starting at a weight of 64 kg (141 lbs) and am 1,62 m (5' 4") .. I know I am maybe starting lower than others goals are, but I think, we're all here for the same reason, and I am far away from skinny, so dont worry
    Its nothing about getting skinny, its about loosing what my body doesn't need and giving him what it wants, learning how to love what I eat, learn to prepare healthy food, and of course, succeeding my goal.
    I have no idea how "light" I should be in my imagination, I hope I will see whereto my body changes and find, what I searched many years.. not a model, not a skinny girl, but


    or, maybe better: the GROK within

    Thank you for reading my, well, kind of, you know, "detailed" post, and maybe we meet at my Journal, or at yours

    love - su

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    Welcome Su, looks like you have your head in the right place and are doing this for the right reasons. Best of luck!
    I used to seriously post here, now I prefer to troll.


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      Thank you iniQuity, I really appreciate that .. Its all about motivation. Thanks!


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        Welcome and good luck Su!


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          Welcome aboard
          My paleo food photos


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            thank u guys!


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              Hey Su & welcome! I'm a student in Vienna too!


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                hey su! sounds like you are up for the challenge! I am only a week into eating primal. . . so far so good.