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    I have been on a Paleo diet since Jan 1, 2011 (going on 2 months). I am 5'9 and my body wieght has dropped from 204 to 189. I am an avid crossfitter and am working on not only dropping overall body weight, but also body fat percentage. Although I have dropped the weight after a little over a month, my body fat has not changed. Any advice, suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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    How are you measuring your BF change (or lack thereof) makes a big difference. Are your clothes fitting better? Do you have access to a body fat dunk tank for hydrostatic testing? Do you take body measurments? Are they changing? Did you always do crossfit or is that new too? You could be adding a bit of muscle if that's the case.


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      Right now I am using a digital scale at my gym that records weight and body fat (I know it's not the most accurate, but it's whats availalbe). My clothes are fititing better and I feel great. I haven't done body measuring, but agree that that is something I should include in my monitoring. I have been doing Crossfit for two years now (took part in Fight Gone Bad in 2010), but have never truly followed a strict diet. If I am adding muscle, is it possbile to DROP body weight on a scale while keeping BODY FAT percentage the same? Thanks for the response.