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  • Do-Over in Adulthood

    Hi everyone! I've been lurking for about a week now and finally joined.

    I'm 25, 2 kids, former athlete. I've been primal for almost 3 weeks now.

    I finally took the plunge and started again. I grew up eating pretty close to primal. My step-mom had severe candida and thrush problems, so we were low-carb, no grain, no sugars, no dairy for a very long time. I loved the way I felt. I played several sports in high school (swim team, dive team, and boys varsity football!), and never had the energy problems my teammates did.

    Enter adulthood and buying my own groceries: We still ate fairly healthy in this house. We stayed away from most processed foods. We ate a lot of meat and vegetables. But, enter a chaotic, fast-paced lifestyle and I very quickly found myself addicted to soda. After that, it went downhill for about 2 years. The kids still ate immaculately (we're both anal about that - me from my upbringing on healthy food and high activity, and my partner from his upbringing weighing in at 300 lbs at age 14), but the adults were eating crap.

    So, I took the plunge back into my childhood habits, and returned to my old ways. I was sick of feeling like crap, and sick of getting weaker and weaker. I used to be able to lift heavy, daily (requirement of being the only girl playing boys football: I had to be able to lift as much as the weakest guy on the team). I set up our free weights all over the house (no excuses!), and went full-blown grocery shopping.

    I had a WICKED caffeine and sugar withdrawal, lasting almost 3 days of being completely bedridden, feverish, complete with the sweat and shakes. But now I feel fantastic. I have boundless energy all day, my skin cleared up, my lifts have increased... all positive!

    So, sorry about the novel! But I'm very, very happy to be here!

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    No need to apologize. Great to hear that you are back on track!!!
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      Welcome LadyDuke!

      Good job on pushing through the sugar/caffeine DTs, that's the hardest part over with

      May I say that I really respect how you kept your kids healthy even when you weren't doing so great yourselves.
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        Thank you for the welcomes!

        Yeah, I'm pretty anal about what the kids eat - I have a choice to be in poor health, they don't get that choice. But now it's time to start taking care of myself as well, so I can keep up with them!


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          Welcome--glad you found MDA!
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