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    @ FlyNavyWife!

    I've done the SAME thing in a restaurant - more than once even ... I'm laughing now that someone else out there has admitted it! The waitress was like ...

    "What are you doing ..."

    When you get to that point in a low glucose event, you really could care less about how you look or what you do ... I've also been sitting down in the front floor of an Arby's once, as the teenagers working behind the counter tossed me little orange juice containers ... (I could go story after story, but I won't)

    Thanks for your support, and the HOPE that maybe after 21 years of "glucopathy" I will be FREE!

    I can't EVER imagine a fast at this point however!


    Mr. Meso


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      @ Griff

      Thanks Griff -

      The workout tonight went "ok" - so far so good -

      I'm hopefull tomorrow will go ok ... the workout actually seemed to make the symptoms go away, although I didn't quite have the POWER I usually have to sprint!

      Mr. Meso ...


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        I have suffered from terribly reactive fasting hypoglycemia since my early 20s, but I have only very mild symptoms since going low carb. However, since eating low carb, I always felt sluggish, like my blood sugar was a little too low, all day long. But after reading how chromium helps regulate blood sugar, I've started taking 200mcg of chromium a day, and I cannot believe the energy I have now. It has completely taken that sluggish, tired feeling away. Hope this might help others who also feel tired all the time on low carb.


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          @ Ailu -

          Thanks for adding your experiences ... reactive hypo is like the worst form of torture one could wish for ... I'd rather be water-boarded!

          Yes, I do take Chromium, but do better on the polynicotinate version vs. regular Chromium -

          Also - I added in Time Release Pantothentic Acid after reading some research (See Link)

          I've also long been an avid user of Niacin, USP NON time release- seems to help a LOT.

          While all of those have been great, I still have battled the reactive hypo.

          I'm pushing 40, but have had it since age 18.

          If this Primal Blueprint ends up working, I'll yell a PRIMAL scream of relief!

          Also, Ailu - I find taking the chromium at night before bed helps, rather than early in the day - when I take it early in the day it always caused glucose readings too low.

          Thanks for the post - I'm actually happy, in a strange way, to see others out there with glucose metabolism disorders that are succeeding with this lifestyle of eating!

          Mr. Meso ...


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            Oh Mr. Meso, you aren't kidding! What are your symptoms? I soon learned I couldn't eat ANY cereals in the morning. And pancakes or donuts can be downright lethal! First, about 20 minutes after eating, extreme nausea would hit. Then I would suddenly go numb & clammy, like all my blood had drained out of my body. Seconds later my vision would go black. If I didn't lay down immediately I would pass out. (Very embarrassing when it happens in a restaurant!) Seriously, it feels like death is imminent. My momma has the same thing, so I figure it's inherited, but I was also raised on sugar my whole childhood. Captain Crunch, Lucky Charms, donuts and pop-tarts for breakfast every morning. Fruit Loops were my favorite. lol So likely my diet was a culprit in this too.

            I should have been more descriptive - I am not taking pure chromium, but chromium bound with picolinate. Thanks for the tip about taking it before bed, I will give that a try. I also started taking cinnamon, have you ever tried it for blood sugar regulation as well?

            I'd like to research the time release Pantothentic Acid, but I don't see the link you are referring too.

            No one I know (besides my momma) has this reactive type of hypoglycemia, so I was likewise happy to see your post as well. :-)


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              I take chromium throughout the day to keep my sugars on an even keel. You might think about that.

              Primal eating in a nutshell: If you are hungry, eat Primal food until you are satisfied (not stuffed). Then stop. Wait until you're hungry again. Repeat.

              Looking for my Cholesterol Primer? Here it is:

              Ditch the scale!:

              My Success Story:


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                Mr. Meso, congrats on going Primal. Just one observation: watch out for the oils in mayo, try to stick to the ones made of olive oil.

                Best of lucks!

                “Every saint has a past and every sinner has a future.” -Oscar Wilde
                "The power of accurate observation is commonly called cynicism by those who have not got it." -George Bernard Shaw
                "The trouble with jogging is that the ice falls out of your glass." -Martin Mull


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                  @Ailu - (Long post - bring a snack)

                  My symptoms with what I call "glucopathy" (Self-coined phrease) - Hmmm .. how much time you got, I'll list just a FEW of them LOL ...

                  For me they mimic panic attacks ... their "residue" mimics depression.

                  - Weakness

                  - Shakiness

                  - Sweating

                  - Faintness

                  - Everything goes blurry, or dark, or even white (like fog)

                  - there are tons of more symptoms but mine are right in line with yours, and are something I've lived in TOTAL fear of.

                  I'll be willing to wager that 70% of people with panic disorder and depression are really just "glucopaths." Having trouble with unnatural carbs.

                  When you say you feel like death is imminent, I can TOTALLY relate - I've often thought ... "This is what dying must feel like!"

                  Sometimes recovery can take even a whole day, which really sucks!

                  I've been lucky enough to have a biology/pre-med background, so I knew enough to know something was wrong.

                  The Doctors in their omnipotent glory, diagnosed me with panic disorder and depression in the late 80's and what followed was MASSIVE Rx for Xanax, Anti-Depressants ...

                  It was after YEARS of high Xanax intake and Anti-Depressants that my endocrine system finally went into a total shut down - where I went from 230lbs or so to 588lbs - I blame a lot of this on the meds ...

                  I FINALLY forced the doctors into giving me a 5 hour glucose tolerance test - they agreed only because they figured I was a hypochondriac and that would "shut me up."

                  I lasted 30 minutes into the test ... glucose went to 300 then crashed to 45. The doctors knew I wasn't faking :-)

                  I'll never forget my girlfriend laughing at me while I shoved a turkey sandwhich into my shaking mouth as soon as they pulled the IV out.

                  All in all - the pharmaceuticals LOVE the fact that our society eats refined carbs - :-)


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                    @SerialSinner -

                    Thanks for the advice - I'll try to watch the oils, right now, with fighting the weakness and stuff, I'm afraid to cut out those too LOL ...

                    At least I'm not a "Cereal Sinner" anymore! :-)

                    Thanks a lot for your help - I did have loads of Olive Oil this morning.

                    Mr. Mesolithic


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                      I was just going to say the same thing about the mayo. Not that I want to kill that happy discovery for you, but 99% of all the mayo sold on a retail level is made with bad oils. The good news is that mayo is SUPER easy to make yourself and you can use olive oil. It's pretty parishable, so just make sure you make enough for whatever you want to use it for.


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                        @ Ailu - Pantothentic Acid Link -

                        (Sorry - in my induction fog I forgot the link!)

                        I'll paste it due to the fact the pub-med link is long and nasty! But you can search it at:



                        Pantothenic acid as a weight-reducing agent: fasting without hunger, weakness and ketosis.

                        Leung LH.

                        Department of General Surgery, Hong Kong Central Hospital.

                        With the conventional method of fasting or aggressive dieting to reduce excess body fat, hunger, weakness, ketogenesis and ketosis are the sequential events that follow. It is not fully understood why, under conditions of negative calorie balance where complete energy release from storage fat is critical, ketosis should arise with a concomitant wastage of energy. Here, I wish to propose a theory that relates the formation of ketone bodies under such conditions to a deficiency in dietary pantothenic acid. Supplementation of this vitamin would facilitate complete catabolism of fatty acids and thus the formation of ketone bodies could be circumvented. As a result, a sufficient amount of energy would be released from storage fat to relieve dieters of the sensation of hunger and weakness which otherwise would be difficult to endure. Hence, using this method for weight reduction together with a careful observation of calorie intake, I have great success in treating overweight-to-obese patients to lose weight.


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                          Thanks - yea I know my fat sources right now aren't smart - but I'm treading a fine line, hopefully once I'm "in" I can edit out the bad stuff -

                          I ate terrible amounts of bad fats yesterday on my first day but still dropped 4.5 pounds overnight LOL ... imagine that?