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    This is all new to me (including participating in any type of message board) but from where I'm looking at my life, it all makes a lot of sense. Thought I'd introduce and share a little so I can get the most out of my primal shift!

    I'm a 32 year old artist/ teacher in NY. Definitely a cardio-holic and carb junkie and I've been vegetarian for the past 17 years or so with a recent re-introduction of seafood. Also, I've got some IBS, anxiety and hormone issues.

    It's been two weeks of grain free eating for me and the first time I've eaten eggs in a decade. I've been eating seafood, eggs, dairy, tons of veggies and nuts. Not a huge fan of fruit except berries, apples (in season) and melon so haven't been eating them. I take a multivitamin, calcium and fish oil and except the grains, my diet was pretty clean before this. I'm freaking out about re-introdicng meat into my life and the idea of full fat dairy gives me butterflies... any insight or advice in that arena would be appreciated.

    Finished Primal Blueprint and just started good calories, bad calories...definitely into further reccomendations

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    Hi! New here too. I find that I can't combine a high intake of animal food in addition to a hight carb intake. Digestion - it moves better - when I keep it low carb. I mostly stick with leafy greens and various types of berries (up to half kg). Just a tip, it could save you some discomfort. Btw, I feel fine with eating animal foods as long as I use most of it (organ meats included), grass-fed, smaller farms etc. Industrialized farming and animals treated as just a product I want nothing to do with. Give it some time.


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      I'm all for anything that helps my digestion "move better", which could be faster or slower depending on the day! My philosophy of eating animals has evolved over the last deacde to allign with pallette just hasn't caught up yet. I've been focusing on upping my eggs and seafood first and bridging the gap with dairy and dnuts/ seeds (but they don't seem to be doing my digestive system any favors). I'm finding that I feel the best after meals of fish with sauteed greens and garlic!

      Thanks for the feedback and tips!


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        Zone diet on and off for several years....worked, but too much focus on exact meal composition
        Primal since July 2010...skinniest I've ever been and the least stressed about food