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NEW TO THIS GROUP, and to PRIMAL...well, kinda....

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  • NEW TO THIS GROUP, and to PRIMAL...well, kinda....

    Hey Mark and Forum

    My name is Mark Westman, I'm a Crossfit Level 1 cert (which does not mean SQUAT, really), who uses, strictly sandbags and bodyweight for exercising as of late. I'm 47, 6'2, 240lbs, and stumbled upon this whole "Primal" thing...

    Just a quick background. My wife recently joined the Army. She was a Nationally ranked figure competitor, (you can see her under "founder" link at the Crossfitmyrtle beach dot com address if you want to look) and well, life has strange twists and turns.

    I'm in Titusville with family, waiting for her to finish BCT and OCS (yep, I'll have to salute her now), and as we sold the CrossFit box, and I'm UNEMPLOYED (imagine that!), I took to the sandbags (I use Ultimate Sandbags since I use them a lot, and a vietnam era Alice pack). and am TRYING to get some good training in...tho, I miss training with, well, people. My mom's horse just watches me in disgust as I do ring pull ups and burpees...

    NEWAYZ, I was looking for some new sandbag routines, and LO, I found PRIMAL, and Mark's Daily apple. HOW COOL!

    SO of course, after sitting here for the past, oh, 3 hours, reading through all the forums, blogs, tips, tags and content... I have made up my mind as soon as I get some $$ I'll get the book!

    I'm have a bitch of a time, being 48, getting the effin' spare tire off my middle. Mostly because I still crave carbs. I'm currently (cheating) on Precision nutrition's "Get Shredded diet", and I've been the weight is coming off slow. I've tried "Paleo", but I still had the cravings.

    SO I'm interested to see what comes of the info in the Primal Blueprint! I promise I'll get it soon! I'm so stoked I found this Program/group!

    Sorry for the rant...but...well...there ya go.

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    For me the key to kicking craving's butt is eating enough fat.

    Someone here said "if in doubt, eat more fat". That just about sums it up for me

    Anyway, welcome!

    quette's journal


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      Yeah, the whole "fat" ingestion thing takes a while to get used to. If you told me a year ago that I'd be slopping coconut oil all over everything and even eating it off the spoon without gaining any weight, I'd have said you were nuts.


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        Welcome Mark!

        What worked for me with the carb cravings was taking chromium nicotinate (up to 1200 mg/day) and magnesium (up to 1500 mg/day) plus a high protein/fat breakfast and just ditching all the carbs. Love the fat! Fat = happy!


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          Give yourself a few weeks to kick the cravings - but don't give in to them! Hold firm, eat more fat, and you will see results.

          Primal eating in a nutshell: If you are hungry, eat Primal food until you are satisfied (not stuffed). Then stop. Wait until you're hungry again. Repeat.

          Looking for my Cholesterol Primer? Here it is:

          Ditch the scale!:

          My Success Story: