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  • Hi, From Pittsburgh, PA


    My name is Daryl and today marks week #4 for me. I apologize but am a bit detailed oriented (am a Database Administrator) so have been fussing the past hour or how I would introduce myself. Maybe that stress is not necessary but I guess it is just how I am.

    This is round number 3 for me in losing weight. Twice before I have gone from 300 to around 185 pounds, only to find myself going back up, but luckily the second go-around I found myself loving exercise and only went back up into the 240's. Unfortunately I somehow also found myself smoking again (have fought it for nearly 20 years) and what some might say is a closet alcoholic.

    Today I find myself no longer a smoker, eating primal and, though not where I want to be, cutting my alcohol consumption in half or more. Most of my friends and my wife think I am nuts but it makes sense to me, especially considering I grew up around a farm in TN, eating fresh garden veggies out of my parent's garden, pecans and pears from my grandfather's backyard and grass-fed beef that we got twice a year when we split a cow with my aunt and uncle. My wife is a huge pasta eater and I never caught on with the entire Italian eating here, as I was always a steak, egg, bacon and veggie kind of guy, but will say giving up biscuits, gravy and cornbread was hard. I am hoping the almond flour I bought down in the Pittsburgh strip district today will allow me some substitute biscuits at least.

    I know I still have to cut my alcohol intake a more to be within a reasonable amount, but have gotten much better in the past four weeks. My energy is up, I am down 13 pounds and I love cooking again, as I like a good slab of beef, or lobster tail on the grill and I enjoy going to the farmer's market or the strip district in Pittsburgh for fresh food. I found a local farmer today that will sell me a cow for as little as $4 a pound and somehow I feel like I am getting back to my roots.

    My main drivers are my hobby and my kids. My kids are thin and athletic but want them to learn that they need to eat right to continue to excel at sports and ballet and can't survive on pizza and chicken nuggets. I can't complain too much, as they eat well when it isn't so cold and the grill is working properly. Also, I am a technical diver and have been down to 200 feet below the ocean's surface. Body composition is very important with respect to this kind of diving due to decompression obligations and the fact that I have been diving with a less than great body composition is always a risk. My wife knows my hobby is dangerous, but I owe it to her and my children to cut my risk down. I plan to do more deep dives, ice dives and generally dangerous dives this year but there is nothing more peaceful than being 200 feet away from the nearest computer (except maybe my dive computer) and watching the fish, seeing what once was with respect to ship wrecks and knowing nobody is bitching in my ear.

    Last words are thanks to Mark for the great book and the inspiration to get back to where I need to be. As a gift to myself for making it four weeks I skipped the Reese's Peanut Butter cup I set aside for myself and went and bought myself a pair of Vibram 5-finger shoes. I had already tried a small piece of cake my wife made during week #3 and it made me sick as a dog. I thought the 5-finger shoes would be better. I wanted snow shoes but will rent those for now and figured the 5-finger shoes would get more wear.

    Oh yeah....Let's go Steelers!


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    Hi tek_diver and welcome to the forum! I had to chuckle a bit at your opening, as I am also in IT and frequently fussing over my emails and posts. The folks on this forum are very good at reminding us all to not sweat the small stuff.

    Sounds like you are doing great with the PB plan and embracing it, which is very inspiring. Best wishes to you as you reach your goals!

    ... and go Steelers! (Bears fan, so I have to cheer against the Packers after last week!)
    Jen, former Midwesterner, living in the middle of nowhere.


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      Hello from Cranberry!
      I just started this, glad to see more people from the area coming to their sences. I'm unfortunetly the oppposite of you- middle-aged, deconditioned, and techno Amish. I'm an RN, doing home health. At least I usually have time to do some walking at my clients home.
      I don't think almond flour is going to stick together well for you. You might want to try coconut flour. You can get it at Right by Nature in the strip. I ordered organic grass fed beef on the net from slankers(SP?) they have pork, lamb, and poultry as well.
      I hope your wife comes around soon. It's realy hard not to eat carbs in the Burgh. fortunatly, my husband loves meat and veggies. For a treat, we've been mixing vanilla, agave (as little as possible) and Hershey's specail dark cocco in cream cheese. also good with almond butter.
      My problem is at my age the weight comes off very slowly and I need to build muscle without hurting myself. I've manged to do a little short term IF, no breakfast and sometimes no lunch as long as I'm hydrated well.
      Good luck with continued success! I'm sure all of us may cheat a little during the game, but Monday will be here soon.Go Steelers!


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        I am not sure if you ever go tot he Strip District but the farm in the Pittsburgh Market is called Horizon View Farms ( Their prices seem reasonable and they took first place in the 2010 PASA Grass-Fed Beef Cook-off. Also if you have not tried the new Giant Eagle Market District in Robinson, they have a lot of great stuff there too. You can grind your own nut-butter there. They are good for the veggies but think you can get good quality meats and fish for a lot cheaper down in the Strip District. I am sure I will definitely have a bit of a cheat during the Super Bowl, but I went through the last two games with no chips, little beer and only a tad bit of buffalo chicken dip on celery so hoping I can keep that up for the Super Bowl.



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          thanks for the tip about Horisonview farms, I'll be sure to check them out. My husband loves beef - can see him sitting by the fire chewing on a leg in a former life. I bought a pheasant from GE in Robinson back when they first opened, Really huge store! It's like a foddie amusement park.I like to go to Lotus foods occaisionally just to get something different now and then-great variety of greens. They also have good prices on cocconut milk. i don't know what part of town you live in, but there are a few Indian groceries that are interesting as well, especailly if you want raw nuts at a good price. They also have some veggies that might freak out your kids.

          Sunday I'm hoping to stay pretty clean .We have a luncheon at my church that I volunteered to cook for so there would be eatable real food available.
          They're great folks but they tend to eat a lot of white trash garbage. There is some hope for them, though. Since I've started bringing stuff, I've been hearing "what did Debbie bring?" But if there's a Steeler's cake, I'll have to have a small piece. Don't want anyone to think I'm on the wrong side.


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            Welcome to the boards bub
            My whole life, I've felt like an animal......but I've ignored my instincts. I ignored what I really am. That will never happen again.

            My blog


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              Just saying hello... I'm from the area, too. What's the farm where you're getting the whole cow?