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  • Hi from Salt Lake!

    Hello everybody!

    I thought I'd posted a hello thread, but I guess I didn't. Anyway!

    I started aiming toward 100% primal on December 28th. I was planning on started January 1st, but the 27th was my little brother's 21st birthday and after some beer and nachos, I woke up on the 28th and said Carpe diem and jumped in.

    So far, I have had one huge cheat meal (pastrami cheeseburger with french fries and root beer from Crown Burger anyone familiar with Salt Lake) and a couple little cheats here and there, but for the most part, I am possibly the most clean eating, the most vibrant feeling I've ever been. I have OCD/anxiety and grew up a scared, anxious kid. For the first time ever, I am not feeling so much stress about everything. So, that's great. I used to get terrible, debilitating cramps during my lady time, but now, I barely notice any discomfort or bloating or anything. It's like magic. Further, I haven't had a full fledged migraine since going primal. These would be the 2 to 3 day throwing up monsters. I have had a couple little migraine clouds on the horizon, but an aspirin and sleep fixed them. Oddly enough, these happened after I ate something with sugar. dun dun dun!

    I have only lost four and a half pounds, BUT after spending a lot of really depressing try to eat right, try to run run run enough, omg oatmeal glurg glurg glurg weight holding steady time, this completely painless four and a half pounds is made of win. Pants that used to be so uncomfortable are getting too big for me. Which I'm a smidge sad about because they're great pants and they make my bum look cute. But then I remember, I have an even cuter pair of pants I haven't been able to wear for the past 2 and a half years hidden in the closet and I am consoled.

    The pores on my nose are clear. After years and years and years of trying and trying and trying to keep them clear, they just cleared up one day. My hunger levels and my blood sugar are so awesome now too. Before, if I waited too long to eat I would get insanely ragey and grumble and growl and look for anything to eat. It would also give me a migraine. Now, I can skip a meal and hardly notice. Oh, and where did my cellulite go? My apologies if I somehow gave it to you.

    I've been exercising too and just loving it. Lifting weights. Pilates. Running with my dogs. Sprinting with my dogs too. I run because I feel so joyously joyous that I need to let it out somehow and running behind some little Italian Greyhounds is just glorious. Itty bitty dogs flying down the sidewalk with their cheetah gait (although their backs aren't quite so springy) is a sight to behold. I've been working on my pull ups- not doing too well on that yet- working on my plank and can hold easily for a count to 10. Going to make a slosh tube when it gets a little warmer. And going to pick up a kettlebell soon too.

    In any case. It hasn't even been a month and I am reaping such wonderful rewards. If I'd have known that feeling (and looking) this great was so easy, I'd have done this a long long time ago. I can't say enough good things about going Primal. YAY!

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    Well, goodness gracious. Here is a quick update. My job has a health center with a bod pod. I hopped in it today with a pair of bike shorts, bra and swim cap on. My body fat is at 39%!! I don't even know how that is possible, but I guess it is since she did it twice.

    I weigh-- according to their scale 153.545 lb and I'm 5'8". I do have itty bitty bones, so I guess that is helping me not feel or look like I am at 39%, but.... wowie.

    This is sobering and shocking. I can only imagine what it was at the beginning of my PB journey. I will go back in April and see where I'm at. I can't imagine I will be staying at 39% for too terribly long. Though, if it took 2 years for me to put on this weight, it's going to take longer than a month for it to drop off, so I shouldn't be too discouraged. Anyway. I guess I'll pop over to journals and start one of those too.


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      Welcome to the forums! Body fat percentage is often misunderestimated LOL. To help you visualize where you're going - and you will get there! - have a look here:

      You're making good progress - but don't expect it to be a linear progression. There will be bumps and setbacks along the way, plateaus and stalls. We all experience them. Be in this for the long haul, for good reasons - and you'll get there in the end.

      Don't hesitate to ask questions, though if you use the search function you may well find it's already been asked/discussed before - and have your answer faster! I'd say "good luck," but it isn't about any luck, except the luck you make yourself. Otherwise known as sticking with it.

      See you around the forums!


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        Hi , I am a fellow Utonian!!!
        Sounds like you are doing great! Keep it up...
        Don't you just love how quickly the rewards start to pile up.