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Can anyone help me with morbid obesity?

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  • Can anyone help me with morbid obesity?

    I have read Mark's essay on insulin with interest and wish to ask him/others a question. Is there any hope left for me?

    I am a menopausal female of 51 and 5ft 3 and weigh 365 pounds, BMI 64. I am extremely carb sensitive and most of my life have been sugar addicted. Even eating fruit sets off horrendous carb cravings which always lead to me eating chocolate.

    I've been trying to lose weight on and off for 33 years, the past 9 years on various regimes (calorie counting, vegetarianism, listening to my body, exercise, and low fat. Found low carbing about 9 yrs ago and have done various like whole, organic foods, south beach, Atkins, etc. I've gained about 70lb trying to lowcarb.

    5 weeks ago I gave up ALL sugar, grains, fruit, artificial sweeteners, diet sodas and went onto zero carb consisting mainly of meat (small amount of eggs, cheese, cream) and water. Appetite greatly reduced, VERY easy to keep to. Two meals a day, and fasting for 9 to 18 hours in between, I feel great and it has cleared up many health problems, from sleep apnoea to carpal tunnel. I was for 20 years a reactive hypoglycaemic but a meat diet has cured that. My fasting BS last week was 4.9 which is perfect.

    My only problem is this: I have lost neither a pound in weight OR any inches. I take no meds and am in good health apart from the morbid obesity that my doc says will soon kill me. I do not know if I am insulin resistant or what on earth label anyone can put on me, my doc just parrots on and on that I am just lazy and greedy basically.

    Although a sportswoman in my younger days (tennis, badminton, cycling) I am because of my horrific weight lately completely sedentary 23 hours a day and the only exercise I can do without pain is in the pool so I go for one hour every other day and do kicking, swimming, pilates, stretching, cycling etc. I also just started lifting 3kg weights at my desk. Swimming does NOT increase my appetite, in fact it seems to decrease it somewhat. I don't swim to lose weight but to keep fit.

    For 4 weeks I was zero carb. On Fitday 75% fat, 24% protein and 1% carb (from cream).

    The last 7 days I have included some carbs in my diet in the form of mushrooms, hummus, lettuce, broccoli and French beans. Now I am at 75% fat, 20% protein and 5% carbs.

    I take no caffeine, drugs, alcohol, tobacco. I drink about 4 pts of water a day mostly with a herbal tea bag in it (fruit flavour).

    1) Is my metabolism SO messed up that I will never lose weight?

    2) Am I merely impatient and must give zero carb/ vvv lc more time?

    3) Am I doing anything wrong?

    4) Charles Washington insists that exercise will stop me losing weight, or make me gain. He wrote me an explanation of why, can provide if needed.


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    Weight aside, you wrote that this way of eating has cured you of sleep apnea and carpal tunnel syndrome. Whoaaa, you mean that by itself hasn't convinced you to continue???

    Obviously, changes are afoot, so keep at it.


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      Here is a summary of a study regarding obesity-related complications and exercise done by the University of Michigan. (a couple of minutes to read)

      I hope this helps. You are on course to go on one of the greatest adventures of your life.


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        First thing I have to say: Your doctor must be an ignorant of the worst kind. Telling an extremely obese, desperate patient that he's just "lazyand greedy" is of such stupidity that it hurts my eyes to read that. Don't believe a single word of such a guy.

        Like dragonmamma said, you should give your body some time to adapt to this new way of eating and living. Remember, your metabolism is in a highlydamaged state and it needs some time to readjust and to learn how to use the fat stored in your fat tissues.

        Go on, stay on the track and tell us about your progress. You're on the right way I think.

        All the best!


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          Desperate, I want to encourge you to read Griff's journal. he is having some real success, slowly overcoming his obesity and getting his blood sugars down. it is a real inspiration.


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            Five weeks is not a very long time to allow your body to adjust. Give it some time.

            You have already noticed some great benefits:

            1. "Appetite greatly reduced, VERY easy to keep to."

            2. "I feel great"

            3."cleared up many health problems, from sleep apnoea to carpal tunnel"

            4. "I was for 20 years a reactive hypoglycaemic but a meat diet has cured that"

            Keep up the good work, and I bet you'll see more results soon.

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              3) Am I doing anything wrong?

              Well yes, your overeating. Period. It doesn't matter how many carbs you eat, 0 or 300, if you don't limit your total calorie intake you won't lose weight.


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                Elasee I don't think we know how many calories the OP is eating??


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                  Elasee I don't think we know how many calories the OP is eating??

                  She's eating exactly the number of calories she needs to maintain her current weight, since she's hasn't lost any weight.


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                    some people have amazing problems with water retention and a true weight loss can be masked for 4 to 6 weeks. Lyle McDonald and Leigh Peele have written some great articles explaining this. Or, you may be right


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                      Well yes, your overeating. Period. It doesn't matter how many carbs you eat, 0 or 300, if you don't limit your total calorie intake you won't lose weight.

                      Nope. Read &#39;Good calories bad calories&#39; and the old posts in here. She&#39;s probably not eating enough calories (the fat is about right).

                      Some compound exercise will probably do more good than trying to cut calories.

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                      Grains (wheat/rice/oats etc) . . . . . Dairy (milk/yogurt/butter/cheese etc) . . . . . Nightshades (peppers/tomato/eggplant etc)
                      Tubers (potato/arrowroot etc) . . . Modernly palatable (cashews/olives etc) . . . Refined foods (salt/sugars etc )
                      Legumes (soy/beans/peas etc)


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                        some people have amazing problems with water retention and a true weight loss can be masked for 4 to 6 weeks.

                        Yes, but she&#39;s been trying for 33 years. I&#39;m guessing there is something fundamentally wrong, like eating too much.


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                          Ditch your doctor and find one who isn&#39;t an ignorant git, for starters. You need a doctor a) who is willing to listen to you without being a judgmental prick and b) who understands the science behind low carb.

                          Unfortunately, a long life history of yo-yo weight loss (up and down and up and down and UP and DOWN) can cause severe metabolic resistance and insulin resistance. You should probably read Dr. Atkins&#39; book, and the Eades&#39; book Protein Power, as well as the other ones that Mark references in his list of "books to read."

                          If your blood sugars are still out of whack, I would try adding several blood-sugar reducing supplements to your diet, including cinnamon, coconut oil, and fish oil. If you&#39;re already on diabetes medication, this will require coordination with your doctor as sometimes your sugars can drop precipitously from taking cinnamon and coconut oil.

                          Are you exercising? If not, start. Exercise helps sensitize cells to insulin, which is a major, major thing for getting whacked-out blood sugars and high insulin levels under control. Exercise, by itself, won&#39;t make you lose weight, but it will get the mechanisms of your body working better. Look on this site for information on bodyweight exercises, and get yourself some weights to work out with. Right now don&#39;t focus on aerobics - focus on weight training. That&#39;s what will build the muscle that will burn the fat.

                          Finally, get your focus off the scale and the tape measure. Look at more general measures of health. Are your clothes fitting better? Do you have more energy? You said you&#39;re breathing and sleeping better - hey, those are two benefits I wouldn&#39;t pass up. My first indicators that this was working was when I got in the car and my belly no longer rubbed the steering wheel - and then when I could buckle my seatbelt and there was a bit of slack in the belt for the first time in years.

                          I wish you the best of luck. Keep us updated on your progress - I find that having to post to these forums every day is a great way to keep me on track ("Do I want to admit that I had an entire bar of dark chocolate? No. So I won&#39;t have it").

                          Primal eating in a nutshell: If you are hungry, eat Primal food until you are satisfied (not stuffed). Then stop. Wait until you're hungry again. Repeat.

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                            Desparate, YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!

                            I can&#39;t speak from the morbid obesity starting point, merely "obese." Griff is your go-to-guy for MO support in this forum. Perhaps you two should start a back channel conversation for mutual, frequent support. Griff?

                            As many have documented, including a recent TIME magazine story, anything more than minimal, simple exercise is counterproductive. I DO think (IMHO) that what you are doing is about right. For me, it was walking about 5-6 miles a week, thatsa, thatsa, thats all folks. After three months I&#39;m now adding some upper body exercises.

                            As Griff says, walking (and I presume your aquatic exercising) doesn&#39;t so much burn calories as reset your metabolism. When I was about 270 lb and I did my first "over the bridge and back twice walk" 3 miles, huffing and chuffing in the heat, I did online calorie calcs aftwards. Well, imagine my shock at finding out that I only burned 150 calories more than if I had sat here in the A/C emailing girlfriends! But I felt so much better and the weight fell off. Well, sorta fell.

                            Search for "Lyle McDonald."

                            Anyway, in terms of habits, I think you are over the hump! Habits are your greatest enemy, not the wrong foods, really. Keep it up, keep talking to us, YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL!

                            PS, take some "before" pictures! I wish I had. I guess we will have to live with only my "after" shots! Woo hoo!


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                              Thank you to everyone who responded. Thanks for the links and tips. Dragonmama, you are right. Five weeks ago I walked with a stick and my right arm was in a sling. I had three hospital appointments booked (including sleep clinic!) and I have cancelled all three! So yes, it is true that I do not have much choice other than to follow this way of eating.

                              It&#39;s sad and a bit insulting that Elasee is making assumptions about the number of calories I eat. Does he really believe that in 33 years of dieting I&#39;ve never heard of calorie theory and tried the starvation route?

                              Interestingly, when I recently recently posted this same question to the zerocarb message board and to the Atkins board, I was immediately berated on both boards for not eating enough. Carolina on the ZIOH board called me "anorexic".

                              I cannot simultaneously be eating too much and not enough.

                              My base metabolic rate has been calculated as 2,692 and on the days I do an hour&#39;s exercise in the pool it is 3,084.

                              I use Fitday and my intake of calories has been between 1,600 and 2,000 for a month. A typical day for me is to eat a well-marbled steak or some fatty roast pork twice a day with plenty of fat/butter. The servings depend on my level of hunger, and are either 4oz or 6oz or 8oz. If one meal is 8oz the other is 4oz, etc.

                              Friday night I ate an 8 oz sirloin at 8pm and from then until 5pm on Saturday (21 hours) when I had a 4oz steak, all I ate was a 2oz slice of cold pork. And that 21 hours included 90 minutes workout in the swimming pool.

                              There are four doctors at our surgery and I get the same stuck record from them all, even the one with the enormous stomach that rests on his legs as he lectures me on how lazy and gluttonous he ASSUMES that I am -- they have never actually asked me what I eat or how much. In the UK one is allocated to a doctor and that is that. When you walk in they have your name written at the top of a prescripton pad and pen poised ready to give you a drug for whatever you have wrong with you. Last visit the doc offered me a gastric band, or a pill that gives you "unpredictable, uncontrollable explosive diarrhoea" if you eat any fat -- not much good for someone on an 80% fat diet!

                              Griff -- what an exciting moment when you beely stopped rubbing the steering wheel! Wow! I am just desperate to feel one of those moments myself!

                              You asked about exercise: I wrote in my first post: "the only exercise I can do without pain is in the pool so I go for one hour every other day and do kicking, swimming, pilates, stretching, cycling etc. I also just started lifting 3kg weights at my desk."

                              As I said before, I take no drugs of any kind. I am not diabetic as my fasting blood glucose, as I said, was perfect last week.

                              I&#39;ve read every diet book you can imagine. I know Atkins off by heart!

                              I did forget to say, I take 2 tablespoons of coconut oil a day.

                              No my clothes are not fitting better. My measurements are exactly the same. However, something is happening to my body, but it&#39;s hard to pinpoint what it is. It&#39;s like a sort of firming up, more defined muscles in my arm, without losing any inches. Weird.

                              There is a bill going through parliament to allow patients to choose their own doctors. Until that law is passed (if it ever is) I cannot change doctors. But it would not do me any good, in any case, since I know of no UK doctor who believes anything other than the mantra of "calories-in-calories-out".

                              Thank you again.