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Former Vegan getting well!

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  • Former Vegan getting well!

    Hi everyone! I have been "lurking" for a long time, and thought I would finally join the party. I found MDA through another forum I belong to.
    I am a former vegan, lived that way for 15 years, and for 15 years got sicker and sicker. Dispite many "experts" who told me it was my diet, I refused to believe them, and believed that I could find a way to stay vegan, and be healthy. During this time I experienced excruciating bone and joint pain that lead me to years of tests- they ruled out Lyme (about 10 times), RA, Lupus, MS etc...and finally put me on an antidepressant for "fibromyalsia" (read: we have no idea what the problem is). THEN, I also had the never ending GI problems, which lead to more medication, tests, and eventually the removal of my gall bladder (it had stopped functioning) only to still have all the same symptoms afterwards.
    I decided to finally give a diet change a try, and committed to do it for 30 days, just to see what would happen. I did it "Traditional Foods" style, with full fat raw dairy and local eggs and farm raised chicken and later beef. I never felt better in my life. Over time, I have figured out that grains are my biggest problem. I tried going gluten free, but really feel best with none at all.
    After lurking on here a while and reading the Primal Blueprint etc... I really want to commit to getting rid of the diary as well. I must admit I don't think it really bothers me, but I still don't think we are really meant to be consuming it- we're not cows.
    The holidays really set me back on some bad bad habits- wheat and sugar. I'm having a hard time getting back on track, but I'm working on it. I really feel they addictive substances- even though I feel like total crap, I still crave and want them. It's really difficult sometimes.

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    Welcome to living like a human again! You'll find several threads (if you haven't already) on being Primal without a gallbladder. Most report little to no difficulty, so don't let that get in the way.

    Ain't it nice to feel good?


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      Thanks! The gall bladder surgery was 3 years ago, and I haven't noticed any problems with anything I eat- my problems are just your run of the mill, 15lbs overweight, gotta give up some comfort food and get moving kinda stuff