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New to primal and hoping it boosts my immunity!

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  • New to primal and hoping it boosts my immunity!

    Hi all!

    I just thought I'd stop in and introduce myself since I'm new to this community and somewhat new to this way of eating. My husband and I are giving this a try together. We've experimented with many styles of eating/living in the past and I have to say he seems particularly jazzed about a "diet" that promotes bacon, meat, and fat.

    I've had a very interesting first week so far. Initially, I felt a little shaky and slightly anxious at moments, but also experienced more clarity. I found myself feeling really anxious with a strong surge of adrenaline as I was trying to fall asleep for the past few nights and then yesterday morning I almost felt like I was going to have a mild panic attack. I had no appetite yesterday and felt like I had a cold coming on. Today I woke up with a fever of 100F, a runny nose, and fatigue. This is an unusual progression of symptoms for me. I'm not sure if this is related to adopting primal eating or if it's just the kid germs. I'm about 8 days into primal.

    I'd say my primary goal with primal eating is enhancing my immunity. I started grad school a few months ago and am suddenly working with young kids on a daily basis. I got more than my fair share of colds/flus this fall because of this and I'm really hoping primal eating will help support my immune system and make me a bit less susceptible to the kid germs.

    I wasn't on the SAD diet before this and considered myself a rather healthy eater, so I wonder how much things will actually change for me with primal. I used to eat oatmeal with fruit and an egg most mornings for breakfast, so clearly that has stopped. I also used to eat quinoa, rice, or potatoes a couple of times a week with some legumes thrown in. I'd have maybe one sandwich with gluten free bread each week and a bit more fruit than I'm eating these days. Now I'm sticking to eggs, meats, nuts, veggies, and a bit of fruit. No dairy except for butter. Some herbal tea, lots of water, a bit of decaf coffee, and no alcohol. I've never been able to tolerate alcohol well but I'd love to someday find a drink that I can indulge in once in a while without my skin becoming a mess. I'm too darn old for acne.

    So, I guess we'll see. I'm loving all of the info on this forum and the various websites I have found that support the primal/paleo lifestyle. Crossing my fingers that this flu passes quickly!


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    Welcome,to boost your immune system take heed of the many threads concerning Vitamin D.

    Good Luck on your Primal journey.


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      Thanks for the tip, Megalodon.

      I've been supplementing with a supplement that is cod liver oil + vit D, but probably not enough. I just looked at the bottle and it seems I've been taking ~1500IUs per day. According to the general info on that thread, 4-5KIUS would be better.

      I live in the Pacific Northwest and Vit D is a huge issue here. I'm going to increase my dosage and see if that helps.


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        Just cutting out gluten made my sinus infections go away two years ago.

        Going primal has made it so I can breathe through my nose the vast majority of the time.

        Most people don't realize how much energy it takes for me to pretend to be normal.

        If I wanted to listen to an asshole, I'd fart.

        Twibble's Twibbly Wibbly


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          My boss can tell you exactly when I went primal....because that's when I abruptly stopped calling in sick all the time.

          Best wishes!
          "Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food." -- Hippocrates


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            Twibble, I cut out gluten a few years ago and definitely noticed a positive shift in my health. It seems I need more help to battle the kid germs, though.

            Thanks, TigerLily. That's very encouraging!

            I'm om day 2 of my flu/fever and still hoping it passes soon.