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  • ROTC college student.

    Hey guys,

    I'm a 21 year-old college student doing my last semester at school in St. Louis. I'm also an ROTC cadet, which is one of the biggest reasons for going Primal. Last year I worked really hard and I was able to get the battalions highest APFT score (the physical fitness test), a 371. This year I have a lot more going on and I don't want to be sick and tired all the time from doing chronic cardio. But I still want to be the best, and the primal way seems to be a more common sense plan.

    I'm also one of those guys who never looked really fit even when I was running and spending time in the gym all the time. I'm going to enjoy having a six pack.

    I should be fine with the diet, I've been trying it out for a week and I find I don't miss bread and rice and pasta as much as I thought I would. I like meat more. I'm thinking about combining a lot of the primal blueprint concepts with crossfit. What do you guys think?

    Also, my biggest problem is going to be moderating beer and hard liquor. I still haven't decided if I'm even going to try, since its my last semester of college. What do you guys in college do to stick to the plan?

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    A lot of people here are crossfitters, so you should get good feedback from them.

    I can't comment on the alcohol because I didn't dorm in college so don't know what I missed. I say though, you're probably going to enter light-weight status so be careful and take it easy. Smoke some weed instead.
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      There are a lot of Crossfitters in the military. Depending on your branch and specialty, you may want something more. That's especially true if you have any desire to go SOF (Ranger, SF, etc.). In that case, I recommend Brad McLeod's site - - or (if you're already VERY fit), the SEALFit workouts - (and do read the FAQ; it matters).

      As one vet to another - keep the torch going. Hooah!