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    I have it on occassion. Now I will telly you that giving up the grains/sugars can pretty help to eliminate PCOS. I've been primal for 2 months and the darkened skin patches from excess testosterone is gone.


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      When I was diagnosed with PCOS in 2003, I was put on metformin. It was my miracle drug. (I hadn't found PB yet) I recently went off while breastfeeding. In this time I found PB and have been primal for 9 months. I've just weaned my son and am re-educating myself of the benefits/risks of metformin. I have come across a lot of studies that show metformin is still beneficial in non IR and non obese women. I was wondering what anyone's experience is? I know I had tummy issues on metformin, but that got better as I eased up on the dairy. I really don't know what my body is going to do yet on the primal way of life now that I've weaned. I think I'd be willing to go back on metformin if it would indeed help...even though through PB my fasting blood sugar, cholesterol and weight are improving.
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        Originally posted by NorthernMonkeyGirl View Post

        I've been around here a long time *gets up from rocking chair in the corner* but I tend to vanish for a few weeks at a time.

        In terms of hormones and all that gubbins, have you found Cillakat yet? She has a lot of very detailed info on things such as vitamin D (you need more ) - following her advice I managed to manage my pcos in the most successful way so far. If that even makes sense!
        Please could you tell me where to find Cillakat's information on pcos and vit D? I've done a search on the forums but didn't find anything


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          If you are still suffering with PCOS, Endometriosis, Fibrocystic Breasts or cysts there is a great deal of hope.

          THE number 1 cause for PCOS, Endometriosis, Fibrocystic Breasts AND the eventual cancers of these organs PLUS Prostate problems in men with resulting prostate cancers are ALL THE SAME ! Also hyperthyroid, hypothyroid, Graves Disease & Hashimotos. A nationwide severe iodine deficiency. Every cell in the human body requires iodine to be healthy, ESPECIALLY the reproductive organs and the Thyroid which is responsible for hormones.

          What happened to all of that iodized salt??? What little iodine we have in our cells has been replaced by nasty toxins called Bromides, Fluorides & Chlorides. (Halide Chemicals) We live in a SEA of these toxins in our food, our drinking water, our toothpaste, hair coloring, everywhere! These toxins cripple our immune system so that it is not as effective killing virus, germs, candida, & cancer cells.

          For the complete and horrible story see this link, Iodine References:

          Please pass these files on to friends & relatives. Send them out on Facebook & Twitter. Get the word out to everyone.

          Symptoms from Iodine Deficiency
          (typically the same as hypothyroidism - Link )
          * Aches and pains, vague (1) * Asthma (13)
          * Brittle Nails (12) * Candida(4)
          * Cholesterol levels increased (1) * Cysts of skin, breast & ovaries (9)
          * Cold intolerance (cold hands & feet) (1) * Concentration decreased [brain fog] (1)
          * Constipation (1) * Depression (1)
          * Diabetes (4) * Dry, coarse hair (1)
          * Dry skin (1) * Dry Mouth
          * Dry Eyes * Excessive sleepiness (1)
          * Fatigue (1) Chronic Fatigue Syndrome * Fibromyalgia (4)
          * Fluid Retention (4) * Graves’ Disease (4)
          * Hair Loss (10) * Headaches (11)
          * Heart rate slowing (1) * Hyperthyroid, hypothyroid, Hashi’s (4, 9)
          * Immune system reduced function (4) * Insomnia (4)
          * Keloids (9) * Memory Poor (12)
          * Miscarriages & Low Baby IQ * Mental Retardation
          * Muscle Cramps, Pain (1,4) * Parotid duct stones.(12) * Puffiness around the eyes (1) * Stomach Problems
          * Sweating reduced or gone(1) * Swelling of the legs (edema) (1) * Temperature drop in body temp (1) * Thyroid cysts (Goiters) (2,3) * Weakness (12) * Weight gain (1)
          THERE ARE MUCH MORE - 181 Symptoms ! ! ! Consequences of Iodine Deficiency

          Symptoms from SEVERE Iodine Deficiency
          * Migraine headaches (5,6) * Painful periods/heavy periods (5,6)
          * Pelvic pain (5,6) * PCOS (Polycystic Ovary Syndrome) (5,6)
          * Endometriosis (5,6) * Fibroid Tumors (5,6)
          * Pelvic inflammatory disease (PID) (5,6) * Breast pain (fibrocystic tissue) (5,6)
          * Cancers in female breasts & organs (5,6) * Lung Cancers (13)
          * Prostate problems including Cancer (7,8) * testicular cancer (7,8)
          * Thyroid Cancers * Erectile Dysfunction
          1) Iodine Deficiency | University of Michigan Health System
          (2) Thyroid Cyst Symptoms |
          (3) Iodine Cures
          (4) Iodine Therapy
          (5) Iodine Deficiency and Estrogen Dominant Diseases - Jorge D. Flechas, MD - YouTube
          (6) Iodine for Health by Donald W. Miller, Jr., MD
          (7) Cancer and Iodine - The Iodine Project
          (8) Iodine Deficiency - An Under-Recognized Epidemic
          (9) Dr. James Howenstine -- Iodine is Vital For Good Health
          (10) Iodine and Hair Loss: Is There A Connection? | Natural Health & Organic Living Blog
          (11) Dr. James Howenstine -- Iodine is Vital For Good Health
          (12) Iodine deficiency symptoms and benefits | Foods containing Iodine | Overdose Symptoms
          (13) Dr. David Derry Answers Reader Questions -- Asthma and Thyroid Hormones

          Join us at our Iodine Thread if you have any questions: