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  • Help and advice, be gentle!

    I don't know where to start..... 5ft 3" female, who want to get back into the skinny clothes I had the pleasure of wearing for a nanosecond in the summer, I still have pictures to prove it - or I wouldn't believe it!

    Somehow during the summer I got my weight to down 130lbs after years of being chunky (fat!) and a cardio slave - I looked great, I felt great. I worked like a slave in the gym (weights) and ate well - parallels to primal - low carb and no junk. Then I had to train for a massive bike ride and had a long summer holidays. Back to chronic cardio and carbs and now binging on sweets and junk all the time. My weight is going up and I don't know when I am going to stop "torturing" myself with thinking about food, eating sweet junk and generally screwng up my attitude to food. I feel tired all the time!

    Its like this: eat junk, feel terrible, vow to eat better the next day, starting eating better (not primal!), stick if for a few days and then slip up, skip the gym and generally go back to eating junk. I am so tired of thinking about food all the time.

    So, I stumble upon this site and and realise when I felt great in the summer I was a long way to being primal and felt great. So I am going to give it a go, fully primal. I don't want to obsess about food.

    I am going to just go for it, all in. I need to slay the hold sugar has over me and I guess I need to white knuckle the first few days till I start feeling better. Will the first few days be rough? If I can break through I know I will feel better.

    If I stick to 50-100g of carbs how soon will my body turn into a fat burning machine? I like to call it operation skinny. LOL

    any other useful tips? Please help....As you can tell I am feeling pretty sorry for myself! Anyone identify with what I am saying, words of encouragement appreciated.

    I have ordered Marks book so looking forward to it arriving (before the new year!)

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    The first thing to do is throw out all the junk food in your house. At the grocery store, buy only fresh produce, meat and eggs. There are just a few reasons to venture into the aisles, and those are: coconut milk/oil, extra virgin olive oil, balsamic vinegar, spices, and maybe frozen berries (and if you're so inclined, sugar-and-soy-free salsa). If you stick with mainly meat and vegetables, then you won't have to worry about counting carbs at all. Really it couldn't be simpler, but we love to complicate things.
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      Welcome to the PB Group. We are on your side to give you all the moral support you need. Just give up the grains and sugars and in a few weeks you will be past the sugar & grain addiction's grip.

      We KNOW you can do it !

      Best to you,


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        Thank you!

        I am TIRED of feeling TIRED. If I think back over the past year my biggest success has been when I have been eating protein and veggies and lifting big weights. God, I felt amazing. I looked good, I felt good. I think I was close to being primal but didn't know what primal meant. But the slide has been gradual until now I am lost of a fog of processed carbs/sugar/dairy/junk/binge eating.

        So I am going to have to start, I can't keep promising myself I need to do it.

        Does anyone want to buddy me in these first few days? I know I can make it long term if I can get past the first few days....

        Step 1: Throw out all the non primal food I have in the house - I won't be needing that.
        Step 2: Go to the gym and do something. Its doesn't matter what, just go and get moving.
        Step 3: Eat primal. Starting with some egg and veg for breakfast.


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          Welcome and good luck. Well, not luck. Just following the blueprint and avoiding temptation.
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            You can do it!


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              Sure, I'd be happy to buddy with you!

              Taking magnesium (at least 400 mg, and even more if you can tolerate it) will be helpful to you in the beginning to get through the sugar WTFs?!?! your body and brain will be doing.

              I agree with everybody's comments. Having food at-the-ready has really been helpful to me as well. I always have hard-boiled eggs, chunked ham, sliced cucumbers, berries or apples, etc., on the top shelf of the fridge.
              "Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food." -- Hippocrates


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                Magic! I have started a journal on the other part of the forum. I am going to put it all down and use it to help me get and be primal. Its hard to describe but somehow being primal feels right. Its a bit like things come along in your life at the right time and this is the right time for me.


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                  YOU GO, GIRL !