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Adjusting to Living Primal

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  • Adjusting to Living Primal

    Hi, I'm just getting started living primally. I was semi-primal (meaning I still consumed a fair amount of carbs, but still way lower than before) for a few weeks before about 10 days ago going completely primal (less than 100g carbs per day). Recently, I've been getting very moody when I'm hungry, something that didn't happen at all before going primal, and I've been getting hungry more easily. Is it maybe that I'm not getting enough calories or my protein/fat balance is off?

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    Could be a few things. You could be experiencing low-carb flu. You also might not be getting enough saturated fat, which has been shown to regulate mood.
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      What's a good protein/fat bance?


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        It varies from person to person, how they like to eat, what their activity level is. Personally I sit around 70/20/10 F/P/C but that may not be ideal for you. Play around with it and see at what ratio you have the most energy and feel the most satisfied.

        Good luck!
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