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Going Primal in Mexico

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  • Going Primal in Mexico

    Hi im constak i have allready been trying to go primal for 2 months first of wich i lost about 5 kg, nut the second one no more lost just maintain. My goal is to loss 10 kg, i allway been active i like to wakeboard, play soccer both once a week and intermitent weight lifing mostly at home, i just to do (2) 60 days of p90x, always got discurage for not lossing weight only getting resistance.
    Im 30 years old married for 1 year and expecting my first dauther in march, very stressfull business and waiting to get even busier and more stressfull next year.
    Need some guidence with mexican way of eating

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    whats the mexican way of eating?
    beans and corn?
    We need to have a global discussion about the epidemic of donut murder

    Starting Weight: 238 lb
    Current Weight: 224 lb
    Goal: 190-200 lb
    Height: 6'-0"
    Age: 27