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    I've never gone longer than two weeks without crapping out of this; this will be my official declaration, that starting today, December 19th, to January 19th, I will not eat one grain, sugar, legume, or any of that other stuff. I'll post my results. What matters though is going to be sticking with it. This post will help me by making it official, instead of me saying, "Meh, I'm fine eating a pancake." One month to see how it'll go for me.

    I want to lose some weight. I weigh 180, but I look pretty dang good at 163. (It was a rough summer for me.) I'm not going to say I want to lose X amount of pounds in this month, but I do expect to lose.

    I want to feel good with my health. I don't feel bad or anything, but I don't feel amazing.

    Also, since I'm starting one good habit, I'll start another. In bed by 10:30, up at 6:30 making myself some eggs.

    This is conveniently timed over the Christmas break, where candy canes and all other sorts of junk is available. If I can do this (which I will), it'll be a huge boost to my confidence.

    Keep me in this! This is a great community. Thanks everyone.

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    With a name like Bakonator, you are sure to succeed! Post daily--it makes a big difference...
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      You can do this!! Best time to start. Think of all the yuck you WON'T be putting in your body!!
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        You can dooo eeet!!
        If you're interested in my (very) occasional updates on how I'm working out and what I'm eating click here.

        Originally posted by tfarny
        If you are new to the PB - please ignore ALL of this stuff, until you've read the book, or at least


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          good luck, you can do it !!!. keep us updated
          can force you into doing things you should be doing anyway. Lessons
          come from adversity. Anything can happen to anyone... You can find a
          new lease on life - more meaning than you thought possible in simple
          things... Let go. Live in the moment. Go forward". Christopher Reeve


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            Good luck to you. I started the week before Thanksgiving and it's been remarkably easy to stay on track and avoid junk food. Lots of helpful peeps around when you need some support or assistance also.
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              Good luck, Bakonator! I started the weekend before Thanksgiving and it CAN be done during the holidays. I'm looking forward to your reports.


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                Good luck, Will be following your post and encourage you through this. I also started recently and feel great. This forum has helped me SOOO much Encouragement coming your way!!!


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                  You can do it!!!!! to quote someone famous "their is no try, their is only do".


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                    I'm with you on this, I have also struggled for years, could never keep it up. My official start is Dec 20 now and I'm not giving up anymore!


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                      Good day!

                      Breakfast: Started eating some asparagus but it was nasty and old. So in a hurry I had a whole bunch of almonds.
                      Lunch: Never eat lunch. Too hard to do with school, as the food there is crap, and hauling food is a pain.
                      Dinner: 2 turkey steaks (not strictly primal but it's what was available) and 5 prunes.
                      Planning on a cup of soothing green tea.

                      Not much food today, but I ate waay too much this weekend so it's good to get my feet under myself again.

                      Highlight: Not eating that Mac n Cheese. Woot.


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                        Way to go Bakonator!

                        Getting up and going to sleep at early hours - good call! I'm going to have to join you on that. I used to do this and after the period of adjustment, it feels great to wake up when everything is quiet... (although with a 3-week old baby, this might be tricky for me ;-)


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                          I wish you luck, Semper!

                          Another good day.

                          Breakfast: Chicken with a slice of gouda? cheese.
                          Dinner: 8oz. steak, a bit more cheese, 5 prunes, and some almonds.

                          Felt a little low energy today. I'm sure that's the way it is for a little while.
                          Got to bed before 10:30 last night, heck yeah.

                          Gonna have some green tea and relax now.


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                            Pretty good day.

                            Breakfast: 10 oz steak
                            Lunch: Few almonds, half spoon of almond butter
                            Dinner: Family party. Ham, carrots, some kind of cheesey broccoli stuff, and half of a twice-baked potato.
                            My little cave: An M&M. Just one.

                            Highlight: No cupcakes, no cake, no Mountain Dew or even sugar-free Kool-Aid. Heck to the yeah.


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                              Good job! I need to join you, too! Knowing I have candidiasis and that I should NOT have grains has not stopped me from succumbing to the stupid little stuff during Christmas break! Are you adding lots of butter to your eats?