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  • New guy from MI

    Hi everybody,

    I'm 56 and did Atkins for a few years back in 2002, lost 50lbs and kept it off until 2008 when I insanely went off low carb and gained 60lbs. I picked up Marks book at Borders one day and bought it. Looks very similar to Atkins (a good thing) and is good reading and encouraging even though I know most of the details. I've lost 13lbs so far and am back into the low carb living.

    So far I like Marks idea of organic everything if possible. I like his ideas on exercise. I like the research on supplements and sunshine. I think I'll like this forum as well.


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      Welcome. I grew up in GR, MI though I now live in the south.

      In MI, it's pretty darn difficult to get much D at any time. I spent a lot of time on the beach in Grand Haven this summer, in a bikini, midday, no sunscreen and my D levels fell 18 points.

      All the best to you,

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        Awesome! I'm a Traverse City boy, moving to Florida in Feb for a few months to escape the winter!

        Good to see other Michiganders on here!


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          Thanks for the welcome! I'm up near Indian River and I agree it's hard to get enough sun here especially in the winter.
          Have fun in Florida fusarium.


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            Welcome to the community, I am new as well and I look forward to what is available for knowledge to apply towards life.


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              I'm in the same boat. The only thing my doctor "scolded" me on was Vitamin D. Everything else looked pretty good, even without Primal, although I know I need help.

              Is tanning a terrible, un-natural, un-primal idea? Not to brown, just for 5 minutes or so to up vitamin D a couple of times a week? Or are pills a better bet? Anyone know?


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                Nice to 'meat' you. Hope to see you around the forum.
                sigpicDoing my 30 day paleo challenge right now