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Thought we could try this. (Friday Primals)

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  • Thought we could try this. (Friday Primals)

    So here's a neat thing we do at another forum I'm on, though I'll modify it a bit for MDA. Every morning somebody starts a daily thread with their own QOTD (Question of the Day) and DI (Daily Ingredient.) Then add a WR (Workout Related), FR (Food Related), and NPR (Not Primal Related.) So it'll look something like this:


    Fantastic Friday Primals!

    QOTD: Do you have any tattoos or piercings?

    DI: Carrots

    WR: (Personal comment here.)

    FR: (Personal comment here.)

    NPR: (Personal comment here.)

    I'll start the first one.


    QOTD: I have 4 tattoos and 9 piercings (most of them in my ears, and my labret.

    DI: Carrot fries! I also like roasted/grilled carrots. So yummy.

    WR: Muscles are way sore from the gym yesterday. I'm really proud of my workouts. Squats were killer. I feel like I should have done more with pull-ups though.

    FR: So I'm having a bowl of quinoa "hot cereal" today to see how it goes- and to get rid of the stuff. It looks like I have one more serving of it, then it's all gone. Probably going to have to go through carb withdrawls after this though. Finish off 2 or 3 servings of wild rice I found in the cupboard and my house is completely Primal again.

    NPR: I rented movies from the library a week ago and never watched them. Now that I'm down to the last day I want to see them all and don't have time. Will have to re-rent them sometime.


    So yeah, it's just that easy. Your turn!

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    QOTD: 1 tattoo and 3 piercings (2 in one ear, one in the other, nothing fancy

    DI: Shredded carrots in chicken lettuce wraps! Also in beef and cabbage stir-fry, they add nice color and bulk to those dishes.

    WR: Was really sore from Football Monday and Bodyweight stuff on Tuesday, so I just walked for 45-60 minutes Wednesday and Thursday. Today I'll walk and possibly make up my HIIT workout from yesterday.

    FR: Today is our first "first paycheck of the month lunch" with my coworkers, I'm not pumped about the restaurant choices, but I've found that I can usually order something that's just meat and vegetables and have it cooked in butter. Not my 100%, as I never feel I can count things as actually primal that restaurants make for me, but close enough and it will be a nice chance to talk with everyone out of the office.

    NPR: I'm playing in a wedding (I play flute) on Saturday, yay extra $$!

    You are what you eat,
    and what you eat eats too - Michael Pollan


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      QOTD: None on purpose.

      DI: Not a big carrot fan, can eat a few raw bits in salad for color, but I don't like them cooked at all.

      WR: I don't need too, I'm too sexy for my shirt as it is LOL! Daily walks for the last 30day. Gotta start a new heavy lifting habit.

      FR: Wed was my first all meat day. It was good.

      NPR: TGIF! The weather on the east coast is fantastic. Gotta have some fun this weekend. I'm thinking Kayak.

      It's grandma, but you can call me sir.


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        Hey Kayaking counts as working out you know! You just like to pretend you don't do anything

        Aren't carnivore days the best? I always feel so full.

        You are what you eat,
        and what you eat eats too - Michael Pollan


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          QOTD: Do you have any tattoos or piercings? I don't count individual tattoos, I have a full sleeve, a half sleeve, my entire back, and my that 4 or 40?

          DI: Carrots - hate them with the white hot passion of a thousand burning suns

          WR:total body today, try to make fridays really tough because Saturday is my only day off

          FR: picked 8 or 9 hot jalepenos from the garden, have no idea what to do to use them all, anyone?

          NPR:worried about my dog today, she has (had?) bone cancer and we had her leg amputated in December. She seems a little low today. Trying to come up with creative ways to make her happy...can't really take her for a run in the park, ya know?


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            QOTD: Do you have any tattoos or piercings? No. I used to have my ears pierced though. I want tattoos and piercings but I'm chicken...then there's that whole irrational fear of needles thing.

            DI: Carrots - love 'em. I have a wickedly simple recipe for curried carrot soup that is quite divine.

            WR: Yoga this morning. Still store from my first attempt at Tabata sprints yesterday morning.

            FR: For the past few months I've been getting up at 5:00 (in the AM!) to eat. This morning I got up and I just wasn't hungry, so I went with it. Had my first run in with coconut pancakes this morning. I sense an oncoming love affair between myself and these tasty nuggets.

            NPR: It's a long weekend here in Canada and my birthday just happens to fall on the Sunday. What kind of primal feast will I whip up for this momentus occasion? So many choices!

            I grok, therefore I am.


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              QOTD: 5 between 2 ears; no tattoos as of yet...

              DI: carrots are great in soups but I think I might have to try those fries.

              WR: did my first crossfit on Weds. and am still sore from that. But, hey, I did it!! My hubby was laughing at me becasue I said it was "fun" & two months ago I wouldn't have even thought of doing it.

              FR: Next week I'm going to cut out dairy.

              NPR: Have the sitter coming tomorros so the hubby & I can go mountain biking. Excited about that! Kayaking sounds fun, too & I haven't done that since last summer so maybe I'll do that, too.


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                Hannahc- I used to play the flute too. Yay for extra $$ for sure!

                Grandma- Kayaking always looked like fun, but I'm terrified of tipping over and getting stuck upside down- lol.

                PJAP- I'm so jealous of your tattoos. My sleeve is still incomplete. Once the torso flattens out I'd like to cover it all in tattoos. Maybe something Primal? Tattoos are very primal, aren't they?

                Lovestoclimb- That soup sounds absolutely yummy. You should add it to the recipe forum.

                DebFM- Yay for cutting out dairy! Coconut milk is to die for.


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                  @PJAP poppers! fill them with some cheese wrap them in bacon. And bake/fry till bacon is done. If you don't do cheese put more bacon inside.

                  On a related note one of my favorite things is poblano peppers stuffed with cheese and grilled on the BBQ. Then put some fresh salsa on them and yum.

                  It's grandma, but you can call me sir.


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                    QOTD: Just the usual boring piercings: two in one ear; three in the other, but only use the bottom ones.

                    DI: Carrots -- fresh out of the garden! Also, I like to cook slightly and puree them to keep in the freezer for adding to homemade red sauce. My daughter/hubby never know they're in there and it adds some natural sweetness. I've been doing that for a couple of years, pre-primal.

                    WR: Sore this morning from doing some resistance band stuff last night. Nothing exciting, but I'm a newbie -- everything is tough (good) for me! Today, chasing kids around. Maybe a walk.

                    FR: Defrosting some giant hunks of meat on the counter: three racks of ribs and two huge flank steaks for a barbecue we're hosting this weekend. They'll all be eating primally, even if they don't know it!! (Although some people are bringing things, so I don't know about that stuff!)

                    NPR: We're going to my first circus tomorrow. So stoked. It's Barnum & Bailey's new one, with magic mixed in. I don't know who will love it more, the 4-year-old, or me?


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                      This is fun DR.

                      QOTD: 2 - my ears

                      DI: Indian Carrot Salad. Grated carrot + lots of lemon juice + chopped green chilli and cilantro + salt, tempered with mustard seeds and red chili spluttered in coconut oil

                      WR: Did 15 min of weights, squats and dips this morning

                      FR: I'd limited drinking coffee with milk to only the weekends after taking up the challenge but I find myself drinking it everday since the challenge ended. I'm having a BAS for lunch, it looks very pretty with the yellow and red bell peppers, cherry tomatoes and figs and feta. I'm having it with raspberry vinaigrette.

                      NPR: Yeah, I listen to it on my commute to work :P I'm attending a family wedding this weekend. I have to try very hard to not give unsolicited advice but if people ask, I'll tell them. I hope I can convert a few. Also, I'll be totally non-primal this weekend, can't avoid it.

                      Diana, I have to try your carrot chips soon.


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                        Haha maba that's what I almost said about NPR! I went YAY NPR in my head NPR and public television (gotta lova NOVA) are my favorites.

                        PJAP we've been using our jalapenos in practically every recipe we can think of! I love love love the taste of fresh jalapenos in place of red pepper flakes or cayanne pepper in anything, eggs, meat, stirfry, whatever Although everyone keeps mentioning jalapeno poppers, and anything stuffed with bacon then wrapped with bacon has to be good.

                        You are what you eat,
                        and what you eat eats too - Michael Pollan


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                          QOTD: Only one per ear!

                          DI: Carrots--raw, plain is my favorite since childhood

                          WR: Trying to get myself to go do a workout this afternoon--it's so damn hot in SoCal right now.

                          FR: I want to make some cashew-butter muffins this weekend--I find that breakfast is my biggest challenge for taking time to cook.

                          NPR: I'm going kayaking later today, and I have to admit, Diana, that my biggest fear was the same as yours (and I have a sit-inside kayak). But. . .you'd be AMAZED how fast instinct kicks in and you slide right out of that sucker--I took a class and they made us tip over on purpose so we could practice. Getting back in was actually the hardest part.


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                            QOTD: Standard ear piercings. No tats.

                            DI: Didn't like them for most of my life, but now I use them daily. Favorite? Sliced thinly on a diagonal and lightly sauteed in butter and seasoned with a hint of dill.

                            WR: Sore all over from hard strength workouts the last couple days. Taking today off but will be extra-active around the farm.

                            FR: Cooking a bunch of meals at once today to take camping over the weekend.

                            NPR: The camping will be at an equine endurance race. It'll be my mare's first -- hope it's not TOO much of an adventure!

                            Nightlife ~ Chronicles of Less Urban Living, Fresh from In the Night Farm ~ Idaho's Primal Farm!

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                              QOTD: Tattoos - Canadian floral emblems on my left arm, Japanese "Integrity" on my right wrist, Dragon and flowers on my right arm that is currently being merged with a phoenix and flowers on my back. I am getting more work done on it in a couple of weeks. I can hardly wait. All piercings are filled in, no longer in use.

                              DI: Carrots, love them. I started container gardening this year and my carrots should be ready soon.

                              WR: Increased the intensity significantly on the weights this week and am feeling it. Feels good.

                              FR: I switched from Splenda to Stevia this week, but am having a hard time with the flavor of Stevia.

                              NPR: I am reading "Guns, Germs, and Steel" based on Marks suggested readings. Very interesting, although not Dan Brown.