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  • New here, some info about myself

    Hello to you all I'm new to the site and new to primal eating, not that I've actually started yet. Heres my story I'll try and keep it short, I'm a 24 y/o male and have been battling with an eating disorder for quite some time now, I was overweight as a teen 225lbs at my heaviest, I then lost alot of weight and got down to 130lbs at my lowest, I've since struggled with adding muscle and keeping a strict/clean diet which has resulted in binge eating, startvation and other things I wont go into. I would say my eating disorder still rules me more than I would like, I feel like my life revolves around diet and exercise and thats not how I want to live my life. I decided tonight after another episode of binge eating that this needs to stop and thats why I'm here. I currently weigh 148lbs at 5foot 9 inches but carry a good amount of fat so I would love to lose the fat I have and start enjoying life more without the worries of diet/exercise.

    I might start a thread in the 30 day challenge as I think it will help me to keep motivated, especially if I know people are wanting to see my progress.

    Here are the things I plan on doing to change myself,

    *Use Marks 3 Day strength building routine each week

    *keep carbs low at around 100g per day fruits/veggies

    *keep protein at 128-160g per day

    *keep fat intake at around 120g per day

    This should come to about 2,120 cals per day

    Do you think this will be enough to add some muscle while reducing body fat?

    Thank for any advice or opinions you may have.

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    Here, you will find the friendliest, most supportive people on the planet.

    It sounds like you are off to a great start.

    Welcome to the party :-D


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      Thank you for the welcome kuno1chi, I'm normally so negative so I have to change my attitude, I have had my last binge and the new start begins now. I promise myself of that, I have to take control of my e/d or it will ruin me.

      Thanks again


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        We're all here for you, Zeus!


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          I am a firm believer in your thoughts create your reality!

          change your thoughts and change your life!

          I am much more of a positive person now and try to never cut myself down and it seems to work a lot better!

          Welcome! xoxo Darlene


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            Thank you ever so much, I have posted on other forums in the past and the majority of the responses have been things along the lines of, '148lbs you need to eat some sandwhiches mate or dont go out the wind will knock you over' these are not the kind of things that are helpfull to people and they were certainly not to me, it made me think I need to eat loads more and in the proccess i added fat and became depressed, a vicous cycle continued.

            I now it's only a couple of comments from you both but it means alot so thank you once again.

            I'm off to bed in a bit so I'll wake up tommorrow fully primal, eggs for breakfast. speak soon.

            Take care.


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              Give us a buzz when you get up :-D


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                Welcome! I'm new here myself but have always been involved in diet/performance.

                I'm afraid no one will be able to give you accurate advice without knowing your training schedule first.

                EDIT: If all you'll be doing is 3 days of strength training, you'll need to adjust your carb intake. It looks rather high for your level/type of activity.

                I would start around 35-40g with the majority of them coming from veggies and adjust from there depending on how you feel during and after your workouts.

                Everything else looks good and I'm excited for you because of the beginner gains you will experience.

                Keep us posted on your progress.


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                  Welcome aboard Zeus. Good luck with the challenge. If I can do it, anyone can. And I just did.


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                    Welcome, Zeus! Glad you're going to give it a shot. Hang around here for lots of support -- this is a fantastic community.

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                      Hello again, this morning I'm feeling the aftermath of my binge last night. Tongue feels fuzzy, stomach feels irritable, guilt set in after the binge but I'll try and forget about it.

                      thanks for the support, it's much appreciated.


                      Yes my plan was to do 3 days of strength training at about 45 min per session, I have a fairly active job so I would have thought the 100g limit would have been okay. I've tried a 5 day split routine in the past working each body part seperatly, did not acheived many results, thats why I'm trying something new like strength training, I would be classed as a beginner in terms of never doing a proper strength training routine but I'm not completely new to it, I would love to see beginner gains if you still think I'm one. I cant lift much weight so hopefully this will help me acheive this.

                      Another note on the carb amount is that I've tried very strict low carb diets in the past and from what I've read on Marks Article very low carb may not be neccesary for me, I dont want to drop weight to quickly like I have in the past and then come to a complete stop.

                      One thing I dont want to do is make this feel like a strict diet that will have a end date, I know I said I will do the 30 day challenge but it will carry on, it's just a way of having a goal to keep me motivated. I want to enjoy doing it and a simple set up like this will help me, doing 5 days a week with 30g carbs or less seems uneccesary but thats what I've done in the past and the results were not good, binge eating, worrying I'd gone over by a few grams of carbs becuase I was on so little, the only real veg/fruits I had was when I splurged/binged (once a week) oh and it wasn't on veggies but maybe some fruit. I had the mentality, more is better so I would try and avoid carbs altogether and go as low as 15g per day. The primal way seems like something I can stick with.

                      Hopefully I'll build lean muscle while reducing fat without depriving myself of important nutrients.

                      I'll keep you posted for sure, maybe when I'm ready I'll add some pics as Mark metioned we can do that now.

                      Thanks again to all of you