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Newbies Start Here: Primer to the Primal Blueprint Lifestyle

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  • I'm new to this forum. I just ordered 'The Primal Blueprint' , the journal and the cookbook. I am very anxious to get started...I am in the Northern California foothills, 65 yrs young and loving life. Can't wait to lose some of this 'belly fat' .....let's get this train rolling.......


    • Primal newb saying hello! My name is Kimmie, I'm 31 and I live in NC, I work full time and am a mom of two beautiful girls, one 3 years and one 3 months. I have done Atkins in the past with some sucess, but because it wasn't a lifestyle change, I couldn't stick with it and gained back the weight.

      I was at my ideal weight of 150 about 8 or 9 years ago, right when my husband and I met. I could have stood to have more lean muscle, but I was generally happy at that weight). Then marriage, work, two pregnancies. kids, etc. Currently, I weigh about 215 (at 5'6). Both my hubby and I gained quite a bit of weight over the years, and in Janurary, my husband started training for Tough Mudder and other obstacle and mud runs. He's lost 40lbs and feels great, and he's been my inspiration. Now its my turn!

      We're both starting primal next week once we get the pantry and fridge cleaned out and make a primal grocery run this weekend. I am excited to lose weight and get stronger, and hubs is looking forward to getting rid of the last of his stubborn belly fat that won't seem to budge even though he trains hard.

      I am still breastfeeding, so a concern of mine is making sure I get enough calories to make enough milk. Any primal mommies out there have any advice??

      I'll try to post a before pic this weekend!

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      • Doctors suck, generally speaking

        Originally posted by backinnewengland View Post
        After reading the posts about cholesterol and the ratios I wonder if I know more about this than my doctor. I feel great, I am never hungry, and I have stopped snacking. I can not believe how easy this is. I can not help but feel angry, let down, and disappointed with doctors, the USDA, and food companies. My eyes have been opened. It is like my own little Matrix. I choose the Red Pill
        Yes it seems that it's very hard not to know more than your doctor.
        I am so happy that I was able to discover this 'diet'


        • Hello, everyone.

          Today is my first day in the 21-day challenge and Grok & I are still getting acquainted

          Your location: NY, NY

          Age (If you want): 37

          How Primal are you: Newbie Day 1 of 21-Day Challenge

          Do you consume dairy: No due to lactose intolerance. Sorry for TMI.

          Do you drink coffee or tea: Yes

          Motivator for going Primal: To get healthy to conceive naturally without medical intervention, and prevent inheriting Type2 Diabetes.

          Favorite exercise: Walking for hours :sly: 30-minutes :what: on the elliptical machine and :screwy: 1-hr cycling class

          Favorite Primal food: Any Meat, fowl or fish on a stick roasted over smoldering hot charcoal.

          Best part about being Primal: its simplicity

          Worst part about being Primal: Giving up Pasta and Grains specially Corn & Rice!!!:sly::what::screwy:


          • Getting back on the horse. 56 yo, 146 pounds, need to get down to 135, would prefer 132. After a car accident almost 4 years ago, it's been very difficult to get all the way to my goal due to ongoing pain and injuries. But, will use more of the intermittent fasting to get there this time!


            • New to primal! From New Orleans, La! How do I add a picture to my profile? Any one from N.O.L.A put there?


              • thahks for a information.


                • hello, im new to this i am 15 my bmr is around 1500. i haven't been healthy and been trying to starve self :/ this seems like a healthier option. i started this today ate 500 cals, tommorow ill probably eat around 1200. i have 2 questions
                  1. Is 500/1200 enough if not how much should i eat? -i play a sport at varsity level that starts in a couple weeks
                  2. if i got to a happy maintain weight in 2 months can i come off adf without gaining weight back?


                  • Hey everyone!
                    I've been doing this 'Primal' thing for the last month, thinking I was being strict as all get-out (my sister first introduced me to this site last year and she's lost about 35 lbs and I'm not sure how many inches) but after 30 days, still the same. I was very frustrated because I've been working out six days a week, eating plenty of fat, etc and NOTHING! Weight the same, clothes feeling the same.... So I google 'primal for 30 days and no weight loss' and lo and behold, I come to this forum, where a gal is having a similar situation to mine. Bottom line for her, she wasn't really listening becuase she really didnt want to give up her old ways. Bottom line for me, I had it wrong, even though I've been familiar with lo carb since the late nineties. This past month, I was doing the whole '80%' on, and not remembering ketosis. What everyone here has said is, if it's the first 14 days, I really need to stay below 50. Yes? So anyway, here I am, pulling up my britches with a big fat sigh and realizing I'm going to have to start all over. So be it. The good news?? Without any grains in my system, that whole 'time of the month' thing (sorry guys!) is almost non-existant. Any other females experience this? The PMDD I had been experiencing for the last three to five years disappeared, once the grain was gone. So... That's my story. Nice to meet all of you!


                    • thanks for making this a sticky! I may be missing something though, I know IF is a good tool but should someone who is been paleo(ish) for the past year and newly back on the wagon be doing IF? The issue is, I am not hungry at all. Here is what yesterday looked like: 2oz heavy raw cream and coffee, 1 soft boiled pastured egg for breakfast. Lunch was a slice of paleo banana bread topped with some pastured butter and dinner was about 6oz of pot roast, 1/2 cup of steamed carrots and a cup of chicken soup I make from bone broth, meat, onions and garlic with some raw cream a bit of arrowroot for thickener. I suppose that sounds okay, but I'm a bit worried about needed nutrients. I do take a B complex supplement, green pasture fclo and high vitamin butter oil. I'm between 70 and 100 lbs overweight depending on who you talk to, so is my body just eating the fat and not needing the food? A response would be so helpful, tia!! Carmen


                      • Hello! I have been maintaining a 90 lb loss over the last year, eating more or less primally. Or at least my interpretation of Primal ; ) I find it interesting to see how differently people interpret the information! I'm wondering are there any other people who think of this as being about vegetables as opposed to meat? I eat either eggs or meat or fish sometimes cheese or yogurt at every meal but the bulk of what I eat at very meal is vegetables, even breakfast. I don't really eat low carb because I eat so many vegetables! Lots of fiber!! I would really like to connect with other people who have a similar philosophy. I am a sugar addict so I try to avoid it all together except what is in vegetables and berries. (I don't even eat all those yummy desserts with dates because it is just too much sugar for me)And I don't do grains or potatoes. I might eat a sweet potato if I were pressed but not regularly. I have tried going without dairy these last couple of weeks and I don't like it! Dairy doesn't bother me so I had some today and unless I find I am gaining fat I think I will continue eating it. I do go out to the pub on occasion and have a Yorkshire pudding I consider this the 80/20 bit.

                        I love what Mark says about working out so he can play!! I have been doing stronglifts, running/walking, aikido (taking a break for now though) and recently at 51 I have started to long board! I even did a cartwheel for the first time in 30 years! Being strong is good!! I still have a fair bit of fat floating around on my body but if I never lost another pound or another inch that would be fine. I don't hurt anywhere as much as I used to and I can play in ways I thought were impossible for me at this age! Hurray for the new life!


                        • Hi and congrats on the 90lb loss! How long did it take you to reach that goal? I've got about 70 to go (at least). I do interpret it the same way you do and tend to have my plates be 75% vegetables and 25% meat. I get lots of healthy fats from avocado, coconut oil and ghee and I do tend to eat a lot of fish and eggs. I really think it's about listening to your body. My hubby tends to need more meat so again, just personal preference. That's amazing about the cartwheels, I'm 37 so you have definitely inspired me :-)


                          • Originally posted by Celainemccoy View Post
                            Hi and congrats on the 90lb loss! How long did it take you to reach that goal? I've got about 70 to go (at least). I do interpret it the same way you do and tend to have my plates be 75% vegetables and 25% meat. I get lots of healthy fats from avocado, coconut oil and ghee and I do tend to eat a lot of fish and eggs. I really think it's about listening to your body. My hubby tends to need more meat so again, just personal preference. That's amazing about the cartwheels, I'm 37 so you have definitely inspired me :-)
                            I am about the same with the 25 percent meat. It took about a year to lose 100 pounds and then I gained about 10 and I have been hovering. I have been using Myfitnesspal to log my food and exercise and it says that I tend to eat about 50 percent fat more or less and that comes from avocados, olive oil, almonds, as well as the meat and dairy including butter. I have used coconut oil but I actually like to eat the coconut! I am addicted to almond butter mixed with vanilla and cocoa (kind of like a rum ball except I eat it with a spoon) and sometimes I eat it with coconut.

                            My husband eats more of a conventional diet. He loves peanut butter and refuses to accept any philosophy that suggests that it is bad! He does eat good peanut butter though so it is understandable!

                            What do you like to do for fun Celaine?


                            • Yeah, the peanut butter can be a hard one to kick. I'm just getting accustomed to almond butter and sunflower seed butter. I'll have to try your treat idea once I've been off the treats for a while. I'm staying off chocolate and too many fruits for at least 90 days attempting to recover from sugar addiction. I find when I eat too much sugary foods, even if in the forms of fruits, honey or chocolate I have anxiety. For fun we spend a ton of time outdoors, I love to go camping. I've just joined up a gym and am looking forward to yoga. I really want to learn to paddle board and I'm hoping that's something I get to do next summer when I am less heavy. We are just heading into fall here so we will be enjoying snow very soon. Going to get some snowshoes and give that a try!


                              • As a Brand-Newbie, I have a silly question: How can I get my picture I uploaded to be my icon instead of the blank head shape that appears in place of an avatar? I don't mean the Junior Member icon of the Grok. I mean that totally-generic-head-and-shoulders thing. Did I miss something whilst setting up my profile? Thanks.