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    Hello All,

    Day before yesterday a nice forumite from a mostly strength building site sent me a P.M. concerning my post about wanting improved Blood Glucose levels from my workouts as a primary goal. I had been following an eating plan which is well regarded by many kettlebell animals and beasts, had lost some weight and seen some improvement.

    He referred me to Mark's excellent article on type 2 diabetes.

    I had not been pushing myself with my kettlebells, I could barely swing my 16 back in August, and couldn't press my 24kg. So I started "playing". My first practice was simply military press of the 16kgx3 on each side, then I took a few days off.

    Week before last I did one hundred one armed swings ( fifty on each side) spread out over the day. Last week I did a published beginner's whole body workout with my 16kg. Today I will simply press my 24x2 on each side a few times throughout the day.

    I often build a campfire for "play", breaking wood with my hands and feet to keep it going or build it up. Doesn't sound like much, but for a guy who within the last year had swollen feet and BG over 500 at times, it beats sitting on the couch.

    Upon reading the PBF pdf I was struck by the similarities between the primal exercise plan and what I had stumbled upon as a result of burning out one time too many. Have always been chubby/fat/obese/morbidly obese and lacking in upper body strength, but not heart.

    Hung in with an elite wrestling team in high school, kickboxing academy that trained an NABF middleweight champ (Kevin Killer Watts for you oldtimers) in my twenties, spandex lifecycleand nautilus circuit workouts in my thirties, and in my forties 217 days of eating six times a day and BB style workouts and cardio thirty minutes daily.

    Each adventure eventually left me exhausted, feeling like hammered yak poop, and never wanting to exercise ever again. So this time I started REAL SLOW. Already seen better bg, some reduction of bulk, remarks from friends and family from my non-program.

    Yesterday I was stunned by the PB recommendation to eliminate grains, but figured why not try it for a day? So yesterday I was not strictly primal, grocery store eggs and chix for dinner, frozen green beans, some slaughterhouse floor scrapings ( smoked sausage) during the day.

    Today my fasted BG was lower than it has been since I started back to the doc, and I had a tiny bit of grain from a roux in a cheese sauce. So I went to the store and got some more fruit and veggies, going to explore a bit more and going to read the MDA for a week or so, but already pretty sure I'm going to pop for the book.

    So that's my story, enough "releasing" - off to read and learn a bit more. Thanks to Mark for making all of this information available. Very inspired by other type 2's reversing their diagnosis, my main goal in life after getting an AARP invitation in the mail last month.

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    Hey perldog007: welcome, dude!
    I've sort of been little chubby, overweight mostly my whole life, so I can relate to what you're writing here..
    Always wanted to push more, do more, but the body says no, and sooner or later I'm lying on the ground with nausea and dizzy as hell..

    It's always good to start slow, no matter what you do. The worst and best part is that it takes so little to get a good start, but at the same time, it's also a challenge to stay off the grains, sugar and etc..

    It's like walking the stairs instead of taking the elevator; it's veery tempting to take the elevator, but at the same time you get so much by walking upward. Little by little, you notice you aren't so tired when you reached those floors after a while, it's subtle, but it's there.

    But I think it's really important to not stress about things; like, say, you have to get rid of this much lbs/kg before that day or at the end of the month. With that comes stress if you can't do it, but every human body is different as to how long it takes to reach your goal, and you have to treat your own body good by not letting that time-consumning and irritating stress factor get a hold of you.

    I hope you reach your goal!