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Second time around - Greetings from good ole Germany

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  • Second time around - Greetings from good ole Germany

    Hi there,

    after checking out MDA for two weeks now, I finally took the plunge and ordered PB yesterday.

    I'm not exactly new to Paleo eating, I started out in November 2008 and got off track in December due to Christmas and my Hawaii Vacation. (Can you say Cheeseburger in Paradise on Waikiki Beach? ) The results during November were great, clear skin was the most important part for me. After December I didn't really get back on track. Job and a depression made me howl with frustration, while I still didn't eat bread, Rice, noodles or potatoes on most days. There were tons of sweets.

    I tried to get back on track several times but mostly failed, since my friends and my parents don't really get this. CW at it's best. And food in front of me with me staying strong and not eating is really seldom.

    So since I'm moving into my own flat in about a month, I'm going back on Paleo from today on for three main reasons:
    1. I want clear skin.
    2. I want my energy back
    3. I want to get rid of 30 lbs.

    I know this lifestyle works best for me, so here I come.