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  • Just sayin' Hi

    Hello, I just wanted to pop in and introduce myself. I am not new to LC, or healthy eating, but new to PB. I started studying holistic Nutrition about 4 yrs ago but stopped because i had baby #4 and had many health problems. My health problems were the reason for studying holistic nutrition. No MD could give me an answer worth paying for!
    I finally found answers about 6 wks after she was born, and have been on a rd to healing ever since.
    I feed my family pretty healthfully, but dh likes his soda, and sweets like the rest of us. I try to use GF flours (i have celiac, and my daughter carries a double copy of the gluten intolerant gene) when baking and limit my use of white sugars when I can.
    I am basically on my own in this.
    I really need to lose about 10lbs and tone up. Exercise has not been my friend due to my health issues. I had severe Adrenal Insufficiency (along with hypothyroid and a host of food allergies), so no cortisol to put out for workouts. I really lost ALOT of muscle! Now that i am healing, I have started a light exercise routine, going to the gym 2x/wk. I am also in Karate 2x/wk but the workout there is minimal, I am just learning the art, not for cardio.

    To be honest, I haven't been eating healthfully for a few wks. I tried Atkins, again, in August and did well until I had to eat at a friends house and started gaining slowly until i gave up. Then I found Paleo/Primal, which sounds way easier to eat socially if needed! So, during this transition, I have been eating whatever I want-which is no good, I know.

    What i really like about this way of eating is, it's very easy to adapt to your preferences, body type or needs. Fruits is allowed! You can eat unlimited veggies! These things were what i missed so much on Atkins. Not all the junk, so a good pice of fruit, or some berries for a smoothie!

    I really need to research his idea of ketosis. I like to use it for weight loss, but how long to do you need to stay in it for it to work?
    I can't get the book right now, but will be scouring this site for all the info I can get.
    Anyway, this has been lengthy. I look forward to getting to know ya'll!

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    Hey there, and welcome to it. Sounds like at least philosophically, your background makes it a smaller leap from where you are into PB. Agreed RE: Atkins.

    I'd say at only 10 pounds overweight, to focus on the transition into PB (which may still be challenging, esp. if you have resistance at home) and get yourself comfortable with that before figuring out how to adjust things for weight loss / ketosis. It might just happen naturally as part of the transition, after all.
    "Trust me, you will soon enter a magical land full of delicious steakflowers, with butterbacons fluttering around over the extremely rompable grass and hillsides."


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      You are right, I might need to take time for transition, and focus on finding meals/snacks etc my family is happy with before i make weight loss a priority.
      I think too often i think of weightloss as the first priority, but in reality it often fails because it's not done in the right process. Thanks for that view of things!


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        I totally understand that; it's surely natural for anybody who has weight to lose to be eager for results on that front first thing. It's a great motivator and psychologically counters the difficulties of transition.

        And believe me, I'll be the same way -- as soon as I have this baby delivered and get my appetite back so I can REALLY do this primal thing properly, I'll be watching like a hawk for significant weightloss. But at the same time I have to remind myself of the above; that the primary goal is health and long-term sustainable lifestyle and nutrition. In perspective with that, it seems like weight loss is more of a side-effect!
        "Trust me, you will soon enter a magical land full of delicious steakflowers, with butterbacons fluttering around over the extremely rompable grass and hillsides."


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          Congratulations on the baby! is there a reason you can't do Primal properly now, while you are pregnant? You'll just be feeding the baby the best food ever!
          With my 4th, I ate soooo healthy-very close to Primal without even knowing anything abiout it. Just, very little dairy (cheese only), no sugar, wheat, little to no processed foods at all. I only gained 15 lbs, and she was only 6.6 lbs!
          My first baby is a different story however. I subsisted on Wend's frosties and french fries. I gained 35lbs, and he was a whopping 9lbs, 12 oz!!

          Anywho-I have stopped the weightloss mentality for now, and am just focusing on meals and stuff that is paleo/primal friendly that everyone will eat and like. Last night I made fish tacos, they were delish! I did serve them with rice and corn tortillas though, but baby steps right? I also made banana muffuns with coconut flour. They weren't thrilled with this one, but at least they didn't hate them!

          When are you due? Is this your first baby?


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            Aww, sweet of you to ask! Oh, I'm as primal as possible. I haven't had pasta in months for example (Aside from occasional dinners at my parents', out of politeness) wheras I used to be basically a starchaterian. I am eating big salads every day. I'm eating better than ever before. But -- and this is a big but -- my appetite is really not good; this is typical of pregnancy for me. Lost 40 last time. This time I've lost 30 pounds, despite really pouring the oil on my salads. I need more protein, but I've always had trouble eating enough meat, so I've started drinking primal smoothies to try and sneak it in. I drink a LOT of milk too (probably more protein-seeking...) and expect I'll need to cut back on that later.

            I'm theorizing that after I get my appetite back it'll be easier to get the diet more in line, start eating more meat again. and eggs. Usually I love eggs. Also I'll probably go whole hog and get the Primal Leap service!

            We're going to have a c-section on December 16 or 17. (my last baby was not all that long ago, labor went badly, she was huge, so... docs want to play it safe and I'm OK with that.) This baby is on track or a little ahead of average for weight, so clearly even when I starve, my babies never do.

            Thanks for listening... anyway, I still would wager that you'll end up losing some weight as a consequence of this transition. Either that or you'll get buffer and healthier and so even if the number doesn't change, you'll feel better.

            I'd say don't sweat the tortillas (especially rice ones, no gluten right?) It's not like you were shoveling down carbs on their own and having a massive blood sugar spike, right? Call it 20%. As you experiment with more foods you'll get a good sense of what you and your family enjoy that's still within the primal definition.

            My husband and I have enjoyed learning more about cooking, and cooking things we haven't before (or hadn't had much experience with) so this has been a fun experience although it has resulted in some ruined food too. (but hey, we're probably still saving on groceries since I can hardly eat...)
            "Trust me, you will soon enter a magical land full of delicious steakflowers, with butterbacons fluttering around over the extremely rompable grass and hillsides."