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    Hello - I'm new to this whole "primal" thing as of last week. I'm 37, female, been gluten-free for 2 months and just last week was officially diagnosed with gluten intolerance and casein intolerance. Prior to that my allergist suspects I am allergic to soy. Fun stuff.

    Long story short...I've had stomach and bowel issues for over three years. Milk has always been a problem for me, although cheeses and other dairy never gave me the immediate issues that drinking a glass of milk would induce (so the recent casein intolerance diagnosis makes sense).

    I've also had horrible issues with my ears. The ear specialist believes it to be eczema, but no amount of cleanings, creams, steroids or antibiotics ever made it go away. Since going gluten-free two months ago, I've not had any issues with them clogging up or itching. They are still sore from the constant treatments and probing over the last year. I cannot even let a drop of water get inside without excruciating pain. So perhaps they were grain-related. I also lost an immediate 5 pounds the first week of gluten-free which floored me as I had been trying to drop 10 pounds (counting calories) for over a year and only managed to fluctuate a couple of pounds and never able to keep it off. I'm not actually overweight for my size, just out of shape.

    Soy... I have no idea why soy was flagged, but I'll go along with it and I've been avoiding soy for about a month now.

    So having to eliminate wheat, dairy and soy led me to the whole "paleo diet" while searching out foods and recipes for my new eating habits which eventually led me to here.

    So I've been "primal" by default for a week now. I'm battling fatigue like crazy. I work from home as a web developer so at least my schedule can accommodate naps as needed and my dozens of trips to the bathroom. I'm not expecting a quick fix, but it's frustrating to slog through it right now. I think I have the eating thing down. Going gluten free helped me learn to plan ahead and eat before I go places, bring my own snacks, etc. Once I get past the exhaustion and the constant stomach aches I will probably be a lot more alert and productive. I still feel like I'm in a fog.

    I'm posting here because I don't have a lot of support at home. My husband thinks it's all in my head and gets annoyed when I take too long in the bathroom or if I bring my own food to eat in a restaurant. Occasionally he will eat my snacks (after I ask him not to) or mock the "health food" I bring home. The day after I got the official diagnosis, he opened a bag of chips took a big handful and said "mmm gluten!" So yeah - not a lot of help. My kids have also been known to raid "my shelf" of food and they have been lectured over that. But since my husband doesn't enforce it, I don't think they get how serious it is for me. I don't mind sharing, but when my diet is so limited, it's frustrating to wake up in the morning and find that someone polished off the breakfast and lunch you had saved for that day.

    The crazy thing is, my husband is a very smart guy. He was a top cross-country runner in high school and he still goes through cycles of fitness training and trying to eat healthy. If he would take the time to research and look at things scientifically as I have, I think he would "get" it. But the kicker (I suspect) is that he works for ADM - yeah THAT ADM - the one that makes all the soy and corn products. So now that I'm allergic to pretty much everything his company produces, I think that makes him agitated or something. So I think his denial comes from his work.

    I do have a couple of close friends who are trying to help me figure out what foods to prepare and how to work around this. One of them is going to do the primal diet along with me which will be helpful. So I'm not totally alone. I'm motivated by what I read on here and I think it will get easier in time. Especially when I can start seeing some real results.

    I have ordered Mark's book from Amazon, I'm hoping it arrives by the weekend. So for now, I will just stumble along and do the best I can based on what I read here.

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    welcome! you have plenty of support here
    Red meat is not bad for you. Now blue-green meat, that's bad for you! ~Tommy Smothers


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      Originally posted by shannon View Post
      welcome! you have plenty of support here


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        What part of IL are you in... I know in Kankakee county there is a celiac support group... just FYI...

        This is a very supportive community, if you ignore the occasional troll :-P


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          Thanks for the warm welcomes. ADM is in Decatur, so that's where I'm planted (I grew up in a smaller town nearby). Kankakee is about 3 hours away I think. My band played a gig there a while back and I remember it was a pretty lengthy drive. We have some gluten-free stores around here. I'll probably ask around next time I visit one of them.