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primal diet for gastroparesis

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  • primal diet for gastroparesis

    hi all, i recently tried a version of the primal diet and found that it really helped me with my stomach disease: gastroparesis. alas due to the inherent randomness of the disease things didn't go perfectly, but this time i plan to stick to it as i can't expect it all to be cured and perfect in one go i live in the netherlands and don't know of anyone else doing this diet - so any online support is certainly welcome

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    What is Gastroparesis?

    Best of luck to you,


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      thank you the wikipedia page explains a lot about gastroparesis. basically its slow stomach emptying and in my case i just have *a lot* of trouble keeping down solid foods, but the primal diet - with modifications - seems to help the basic dietary advice for gastroparesis is: low fat, low fiber, high carb tiny meals spread throughout the day. however grains and high carb really don't work for me so that's how i came across PB. i'll first start with the diet part and if i can get my energy up then add more exercise.


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        If you start to find troubles then be sure to ask. If the PB isn't perfect there are many other foods that can be cut out that may cause problems.
        A steak a day keeps the doctor away