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  • Hola from Miami Beach!!!

    Hello my fellow Groks and Grokettes!

    I am brand new to this forum, and I have found great comfort in reading posts and threads over the past few weeks since going Primal!

    Reading "The Primal Blueprint" has been revolutionary for me. I am a healthy, relatively fit, 31 year old woman who has spent the majority of adulthood on some kind of diet. I am just under 5'4 and my weight has fluctuated between 105 to 148 pounds. Right now I am 120, and would REALLY like to shed another 7-10 pounds of fat/water. I am active (interval training, running, tennis, strength training), tho I cannot seem to shed this extra cushion around my hips, thighs, abdomen. Since going primal 3 weeks ago, I have noticed a shift in my body composition (and a few pounds less on the scale). I am less bloated, firmer, and trying to be PATIENT, as this is a long-term lifetstyle change, rather than a quick fix diet.

    I have read SO many conflicting books, articles, blogs, etc about diet, and have tried everything to reach my optimum health/fitness levels (and of course, to look hot!). I was a vegan for 6 months, tried a detox of Brown Rice and Veggies, Atkins, South Beach Diet, Fit for Life, Weight Watchers, YOU NAME IT. It got to the point recently that everytime it came to eat, I was utterly CONFUSED as to what to put in my mouth! The honest truth is, the times when I was skinniest, I didn't think about it at all. I was a "happy" eater, and focused on other things.

    I blew through the "bible" in 2 days, and I was so thrilled. I surround myself around very aware, healthy, fit, people, and have been hearing about this way of life for some time...the way of our ancestors. It makes too much sense to ignore. I dove right in, and have been enjoying the primal lifestyle ever since.

    Its all about progress, not perfection, for me. I have completely eliminated grains (yay!), and don't miss them. I was having some dairy in the form of raw cream (maybe too I make amazing homemade icecream), but I have cut that out, as I felt my weight loss was slowing down. I do have a coffee every morning, and I put coconut milk and stevia drops in it. I eat very little fruit (a small green apple, and some frozen berries in a whey protein shake), and have cut out nuts for a bit, as I felt they were slowing down my fat burning as well.

    I have incorporated primal fitness to be daily routines, and I LOVE IT. I am walking a lot on the beach (barefoot!), sprinting 1-2 times per week, and doing some strength training. I am a professional pianist, and am really getting lost in my music, which I have always known to be extremely therapeutic.

    All in all, I feel amazing (tho I do experience peeks and valleys with my energy and hunger levels). I don't view this as a diet, and with every day, my inner primal warrior is emerging. Its all about the mind, body, spirit balance and I am bursting with gratitude for finding this book, website, and for all of you for sharing your experience, strength, and hope.

    Grok and ROLL!!!