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Hello from Wisconsin :)

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  • Hello from Wisconsin :)

    Hey everyone,

    My name is David and I currently reside in Appleton, Wi.

    I found out about MDA by a random google search. For the past 8 weeks I have been trying to cut grains and dairy and sugar out of my diet already and eat only meats and veggies, in doing so I was trying to find some support, reasoning, and other sites that were on the same wave length. By doing that I came across MDA and have not looked back since.

    I've learned a lot in a few short days and am loving the journey to 100% primal!

    I am 22, I have about 110 pounds to lose even after losing 35 pounds the past 8 weeks, so it's a bit discouraging to have such a long journey ahead.

    I am worried about loose skin but hoping that being young (22), eating 100% primal (super clean), and working out hard will prevent any loose skin problems. If anyone here has been in my situation, I would love to chat and talk about it, could use some advice and guidance on that! Being so young, dont want to go through my 20s with loose skin!

    I am here because I am not happy with myself so I want to get into shape and be happy with myself and do it for ME. I also wouldnt mind some good looking girls to be interested either

    I am big into sports as well, so might try out for college hockey or a AAA team if I can get into good shape!

    Please hit me up!