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    Hi everyone. Dont want to get too much into my whole life story here.. just gonna say I am 25 years old, used to weigh 240 and live off chinese takeout and mcdonalds. About a little more then a year in half ago I started caring about my body, I joined a local gym and somewhat ate better. Well it has been a long ride with MANY hiatus's (many times I quit then came book) ultimately everything I thought I knew or believed when I started I have come to realize were all wrong. I quit my gym and workout at home. I believe in working out as an athlethe and not as a body builder. I view machines as objects that help lead athlethes to injuries. I have been learning more and more about unconventional workouts such as kettlebells, body weight, GPP, strongman training, and crossfit. These are all a heavy influence on how I workout now. My diet has evolved from eating no fat and whole wheat pasta to a I hate carbs ketosis based diet with carb refeed weekends (anabolic diet by dipasquale) I did this diet for about a year off and on. While I was doing this all carbs were evil untill I couldn't rationalize why I couldnt eat fruit so I gave it up and tried to stay realtively low carb high fat. I went with the concept of fruit and protein in morning and veggies and protein at night and fat throughout the day. I recently learned about this paleo diet through an email newsletter I recieve from a strength coach. This lead me to purchasing the book paleo diet (which I am currently reading) and though another forum a frequent ( I was told about this site. I read a couple of marks definitive guide articles and I am really liking his thinking and varation of the paleo diet. So here I am now weight 189lbs and going primal! Well I guess that was my life story but eh oh well its already typed. Thats me.. I work in an ER and am a EMT. I love judo and I recently took up boxing and BJJ along with my weight/gpp training. I am toying with the idea of do some sort of carbohydrate cycling diet but paleo style with sweet and red potatoes being the carb I cycle and maybe quiona. I am about to search for it on MDA and see if it has been ever adressed. Anyway thats me and I am happy to be apart of this community and new lifestyle