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  • Hiya from the UK

    I have been lurking around this site for a few months now, but only really decided to give it a go this week, so I am on day 3.

    Before this I was a real binger, but since starting I have had very minimal urges to binge and then only on nuts (mmmm almonds). If nothing else this has made me realise just how much the sugar and grainy carbs were effecting me and I am SO glad to be rid of my oat/ wheat/bread problem!

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    Hi mate,welcome and good luck.


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      Hi ya, I know what you mean about lurking around the site for the past few months as I have been to. I decided to sign up yesterday in a quest to find out if Amaranth flour is primal. Think it is a bit of a grey area but I've decided to give it a wide berth in any event.
      I am from the UK as well. It seems that there is a lot of primal living going on in the USA however not so much here. I really would like to find out about events in the UK. Have you heard about any??


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        where do both of you live? I'm in St. Andrews and quite frankly, I think i'm the only primal in town.


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          I haven't heard a thing about it over here, shame, hopefully that will change soon!

          I am in yorkshire


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            I'm in Buckinghamshire. I wish more was going on. Well if you hear of anything please let me know


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              I LOVE Yorkshire. I spent part of the summer there and it's so beautiful!! And you have the best cream and cheese I've ever had...


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                Hi all,

                I am about to start my journey with primal, like others I have been lurking in the shadows. I now live in Dorset but I am originally from Yorkshire.


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                  good luck all the newbies!

                  there's a uk group, check out my autosig.

                  hope you all do well!
                  Scottish Sarah

                  Join our UK/ROI Primal group here!

                  Give me a poke on facebook!/pistepals
                  **Remember to tell me your forum name so I know who you are!**


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                    Thanks for the link