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Newbie in Southern Cali with questions!! Any help is appreciated ...

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  • Newbie in Southern Cali with questions!! Any help is appreciated ...

    So ... It has been 4 weeks since going primal. Prior to going primal, I had lost about 70 lbs. with Weight Watchers, but in the past year that stopped working ... I wasn't losing weight anymore and I was not gaining that much muscle from working out. My hubby had started PB ... I picked up the book, started reading it and it totally changed my views with food ... I ditched the Lean Cuisine and Luna Bars I was living on and went Primal ....

    The first week was awful ... I felt hungry no matter how much I ate ... I had terrible headaches felt over heated (I am usually the person that is cold in a room where everyone is hot). I was also really annoyed and snappy ... I kept at it though and lost 3 lbs.

    Week 2 was a little better, the headache's weren't as bad and I wasn't as hungry AND I had lost 3 more lbs....

    By week 3 I felt like I was living on a Rainbow! Feeling great ....

    THEN I started week 4 and things have CHANGED ... the headaches came back ... I am hungry again and haven't lost any weight since week 2!!!

    I think my eating is on target ... I workout with a personal trainer twice a week ... I thought that dropping all of the bad carbs from my previous VERY high carb diet would have made the weight fly off ... but that is not happening and I don't understand why ... is this normal in the first month?? Did anyone experience the same thing??

    Any advice is appreciated!!!

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    Hi! The majority of my childhood was spent in San Pedro and Costa Mesa, so it was nice to see Redondo Beach.

    Anyway. I am going through the same thing. I started eating primal o/a the 18th of September. Dealt with carb flu and then felt really good. However, I was so cold at work this week, I actually wore a blanket from the warmer! (I work in a hospital). Really cold to the bone for several days and thought it might be the abrupt change in weather (I now live in New York).

    Now, today, I woke up hungry. I waited a few hours before eating and, four hours later, I am hungry again. The headache is not bad enough to warrant ibuprofen but it's annoying.


    I don't feel ill or anything. I suspect this is just my body's reaction to eating a new way ... losing weight ... changing seasons ... etc.

    I think I will sum it up with "two steps forward, one step back". I've had enough fabulous consequences that I truly believe this is for me. I think eating primal enhances my quality of life but, in the end, my body is constantly aiming for homeostasis and I'm not always going to feel like a million bucks.

    good luck!


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      It's called "carb flu." Different people get it in different ways, it can last long past the "physically feeling ill" stage. That headache is likely part of it. The lack of weight loss in the beginning is part of it. I recommend this thread (and not just 'cause I wrote it either )
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        Hi! I don't meet many people that even know what San Pedro is! Nice to meet you! I think you are right ... two steps forward, one step back : )


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          Thanks for the thread


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            I concur with the others. Your body is still adjusting. If you can weather the discomfort, I promise it goes away for good. I've been primal for about 2.5 years and after the first month, it was smooth sailing. Your body may adjust a little slower than some people's.

            I'm a Los Angeles primal, and we are lucky enough that it's easy to find the foods we need around here. Not so for every part of the country. Hope it works out for you!
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