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Greetings from Wisconsin!

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  • Greetings from Wisconsin!

    Hello there, my name is Pete, but I'll be going as PeteTheMeat in this community! I just received my copy of the Primal Blueprint in the mail yesterday, so I'll be absorbing that information over the coming week or so along with all the online content.

    I'm 6' with my spine uncurled (lousy posture), 165 lbs which is mostly skinny-fat. I have been very into endurance events like marathons and distance cycling for a few years, but I am pretty much completely bored of running and probably done with major events in cycling (still love riding, though). I am looking for a major change in lifestyle: from a chronic cardio adherent to (hopefully) a lean, HEALTHY, well-defined muscular guy. I want people to notice that I'm fit based on my personal appearance, not based on the number of racing medals I have hanging on the wall. I understand that my diet and type of exercise has been unhealthy to this point; I know, I can feel it.

    I know I can be stronger, healthier, more athletic, and more versatile than I was when I was always wolfing down the noodles and training for the next big racing event. I want fitness to be fun, not work, and I want to feel recharged rather than sleepy after mealtime. From what I have read, PB is a great system for achieving my goals, and I can't wait to get started!

    See you on the forums!



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    Welcome! Don't hesitate to ask if you have any questions/concerns. Generally, the community here is really good about helping out a fellow Grok in need.


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      Welcome Pete! Glad to have some more Primals up here in the North. I live in Fond du Lac. Whereabouts are you? Be sure and join our Wisconsin group too!


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        Hey folks, thanks for the responses! The community seems overwhelmingly positive and helpful from what I've gathered via lurking.

        I'm currently in River Falls, WI, about 8 miles from the state line with MN and basically due east of Minneapolis/St. Paul (I work in St. Paul... don't worry, I'm a tried and true Cheesehead though). I was just in Fond du Lac in August for the Race the Lake! I will look for the Wisconsin group and join up!


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          Welcome!... I think we are all pretty positive and feel free to ask questions...but first try the search function :-P


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            I'm from Manitowoc County, WI. I haven't officially begun my paleo journey, but it really makes sense to me and I plan on doing so soon. I'd love to set some goals or plan a kick-off with anyone else who'd be interested. Let me know!


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              Kickoff will be after I feel that I fully grok (to use another meaning of the word!) PB and what it all entails. I'm kind of a big planner, always planning and never doing, but I will have to cut that out and just jump in once I'm ready! For now, I'm still reading.

              We can keep in touch about it, if you like!


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                Nice to meet you !
                I was impressed by your introduction !
                Let's join and share your idea
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                  Yes, strength in numbers! Let us all join!

                  I figure it's time to start getting healthy. I am very bummed when I hear people like my [younger] brother tell me "You know, only two more years and your muscles are going to start dying." (I'm 28) Basically saying: your physique improves until age 30 and then you start withering away. I aim to change that, personally.

                  I'm not finished with the book yet, but I am taking steps toward primal. I cut grains everywhere I can in meals, and I am 90% successful so far (doing it about 2 weeks). I have been following the PB Fitness ebook for "lift heavy things" about 3 times a week. I feel like I'm off to a good start. Now, to finish that book!